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Kirsty Wark on misogyny; Nazneen Rahman; Mindfulness

Jane Garvey discusses whether misogyny is on the rise with Kirsty Wark and talks to game-changer Nazneen Rahman about her pioneering work in clinical genetics.

Jane Garvey talks to Kirsty Wark about her new documentary which looks at whether offensive sexism and misogyny is on the rise.

Professor Nazneen Rahman is number three game-changer on the Woman's Hour Power List 2014 and a pioneer in the field of clinical genetics. We hear about the potential benefits of testing for women with breast and ovarian cancers.

70 MPs and peers have attended classes in mindfulness - so what could this, relatively new, development in the field of mental health have to offer the rest of us?

And in August 2006 the image of schoolgirl Molly Campbell dominated the media. She disappeared from the Outer Hebrides where she lived with her mother, spending the next few years in Pakistan with her father and siblings. Jane talks to Molly and her mother about a new play which focuses on their untold story.

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  • Mindfulness

    Jane discusses what is mindfulness and why policy makers are so interested in it?

    Duration: 11:29

  • Nazneen Rahman

    Gamechanger Professor Nazneen Rahman discusses the benefits of genetic-testing for women

    Duration: 08:48

  • Kirsty Wark

    Kirsty Wark discusses her new documentary exploring the growing rise of misogyny.

    Duration: 09:24

  • My Name Is...

    Playwright Sudha Bhuchar and mother and daughter Molly & Louise reflect on the new play.


Mindfulness is in the news. Ruby Wax and Julie Myerson have sworn to its efficacy in helping them with depression and anxiety.  But mindfulness programmes aren’t just being used within mental health.  Similar interventions are taking place in education, criminal justice and the workplace. This year over 70 MPs and Peers attended mindfulness classes and events in Parliament and this month sees the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness.  So what is mindfulness and why are policy makers so interested in it? Jane talks to Lisa whose life has been transformed by mindfulness, to one of the chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group of Mindfulness, MP Tracey Crouch and to Rebecca Crane, director of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University.  


From online abuse hurled at women in the public eye to the sexually explicit portrayal of women in pop videos and rape jokes, are we seeing the rise of a culture in which casual and deliberate misogyny are increasingly accepted? And what lies behind the way in which some men seem to think they have the freedom, and the right, to speak about and portray women in a derogatory or even abusive way? Jane talks to Kirsty Wark about her new documentary which examines what’s happening, the impact its having and what we should do about it?  

 Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes is on BBC2 at 9.30 pm on Thursday 8th May. 

Kirsty Wark on Twitter

NAZNEEN RAHMAN - Woman’s Hour Power List 2014 – Game Changers

Game-changer Professor Nazneen Rahman is in the top three of Woman’s Hour’s Power List, recognised by judges for her work as a leading clinical geneticist. She joins Jane Garvey to talk about breast and ovarian cancer, and why she’s passionate about the benefits of genetic-testing for women who develop these cancers when it comes to diagnosing the cause and treatment. As well as being head of the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology at the Institute of Cancer Research and head of the Cancer Genetics Clinical Unit at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, she’s also a singer songwriter - we’ll get a glimpse into her parallel career.

 Nazneen Rahman on Twitter


For a few weeks in August 2006 Molly Campbell, a Scottish schoolgirl and her family were front page news. The twelve year old girl was taken from her home in the Outer Hebrides to her father’s home in Pakistan without her mother’s consent.

Her mother Louise immediately called the police to say that her daughter had been kidnapped. Meanwhile TV cameras filmed Molly in Lahore, Pakistan, calling her mum to say that she was happy to live with her father and that her name was now Misbah.

The media quickly latched on to the story. The headlines read: “Girl snatched from school gates”; “Fears Grow for kidnap bride”; “Fundamental clash of two cultures. If it was a movie it would be a blockbuster”.

In 2008, playwright Sudha Bhuchar travelled to Lahore from London to meet and interview Molly and her father. She then flew to the Isle of Lewis to interview Molly’s mother Louise. 

The result is My Name is a play based on transcripts of interviews with Molly and her parents that tells the story behind the headlines. The play reveals a cross-cultural love story and the eventual breakdown of a marriage and ensuing custody battle.

Jane Garvey is joined by playwright Sudha Bhuchar and mother and daughter Molly and Louise to reflect on the play and life since they were reunited in 2011.

My Name Is…’ is at the Arcola Theatre, London, from 30 April until 24 May, and the Tron Theatre, Glasgow from 29 to 31 May.


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Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Kirsty Wark
Interviewed Guest Nazneen Rahman
Interviewed Guest Tracey Crouch
Interviewed Guest Lisa Stevenson
Interviewed Guest Rebecca Crane
Interviewed Guest Sudha Bhuchar
Producer Ruth Watts


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