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Secret Keeper Session

Jez Nelson presents an exclusive studio session performed by bassist Stephan Crump and guitarist Mary Halvorson as Secret Keeper.

Bassist Stephan Crump and guitarist Mary Halvorson perform in an exclusive studio session for Jazz on 3, as Secret Keeper.

For those who know Crump from his work with Rosetta Trio - featured on the programme a few weeks ago - this performance highlights a different and more exploratory side of the bassist's playing. Whilst his trademark warmth and bounce remains, here textures and melodies unfurl organically through a series of improvised narratives and spontaneous compositions. Halvorson's sound on guitar is truly unique - a beguiling approach to extended techniques is so fluid and well integrated, that rumbling detuned notes and the plink of bell-like effects seem a completely natural part of the landscape. Secret Keeper's enchanting and sensitive approach is an antidote to the brash blowing sessions and high-paced chaos sometimes associated with freely improvised music.

Presenter: Jez Nelson
Producer: Chris Elcombe.

1 hour, 30 minutes

Music Played

  • Dylan Thomas

    Do not go gentle into that good night with introduction by Ian Mcmillan

    Actor: Dylan Thomas.
  • Jez Nelson, Kevin Le Gendre and Jon Newey share Jazzahead Festival discoveries

    • Marc Cary Focus Trio


      Composer: John McLaughlin

      • Four Directions.
      • Motema Music.
    • Christian Lillinger’s Grund


      Composer: Christian Lillinger

      • Second Reason.
      • Clean Feed.
    • Kathrin Pechlof

      Fernen Wie Sie Vielleicht Nur Vögel Kennen

      Composer: Kathrin Pechlof

      • Imaginarium.
      • Pirouet.
    • Kaja Draksler

      Army of Drops

      Composer: Kaja Draksler

      • The Lives Of Many Others.
      • Clean Feed.
  • Secret Keeper in session at Strongroom Studios, London on 25 November 2013

    • Line up: Mary Halvorson (electric guitar); Stephan Crump (double bass)

    • Secret Keeper Trio

      In Time You Tell

      Composer: Mary Halvorson

    • Secret Keeper

      Disproportionate Endings

      Composer: Mary Halvorson

    • Secret Keeper


      Composer: Mary Halvorson / Stephan Crump

    • Secret Keeper


      Composer: Mary Halvorson / Stephan Crump

    • Secret Keeper


      Composer: Stephan Crump

  • Lauren Kinsella Trio in concert at Ronnie Scott’s, London on 15 November 2013

    • Line up: Lauren Kinsella (vocals); Julian Siegel (saxophone); Mick Coady (double bass)

    • Lauren Kinsella Trio

      Malin's Chai

      Composer: Lauren Kinsella

    • Lauren Kinsella Trio


      Composer: Lauren Kinsella

  • Dylan Thomas Day: Stan Tracey archive live track from ‘Under Milk Wood Suite’

    • The Stan Tracey Quartet

      Starless and Bible Black

      Composer: Stan Tracey

      • Taken from BBC Archive programme 'Stan Tracey - 30 Years in Jazz’, recorded in 1974.


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