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Baroness Trumpington, David Adam, Pauline Butcher Bird, James Sawyer

Lively and diverse conversation as Libby Purves meets Baroness Jean Trumpington; Frank Zappa's former secretary Pauline Butcher Bird, and science writer David Adam.

Libby Purves meets Baroness Jean Trumpington; Pauline Butcher Bird, former secretary to Frank Zappa; science writer David Adam and James Sawyer of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

James Sawyer is director of disaster management at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). He leads teams which respond to disasters around the world including the tsunami in Japan and the Haiti earthquake. In a BBC Two documentary, Vets in the Disaster Zone, James and his team travel to the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan to try and save the lives of animals caught up in the crisis. Vets in the Disaster Zone is on BBC Two.

Baroness Jean Trumpington of Sandwich is a former Conservative Minister and one of the oldest members of the House of Lords. In her autobiography, Coming Up Trumps, she looks back over her remarkable life. She writes about her student days in Paris, working as a land girl on Lloyd George's farm, a stint in naval intelligence at Bletchley Park and her long career in politics. Coming Up Trumps is published by MacMillan.

David Adam is a science writer and editor at Nature magazine who has suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for 20 years. In his book, The Man Who Couldn't Stop, he attempts to understand the condition and his own experiences. He writes about the latest neurological research and recounts historical accounts of patients and their treatments. The Man Who Couldn't Stop - OCD and the True Story Of A Life Lost In Thought is published by Picador.

In 1967 Pauline Butcher Bird - a young English girl - met the unconventional, avant-garde rock star, Frank Zappa, while he was on a trip to London. Pauline followed him to Hollywood where she lived and worked in Zappa's house amid an entourage of musicians, freaks and other rock stars. Her memoir, Freak Out, has now been adapted into a radio play, Frank Zappa and Me for BBC Radio Four.

Paula McGinley.

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In the studio

In the studio
L-R: David Adam, Baroness Trumpington, Pauline Butcher Bird, James Sawyer


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Presenter Libby Purves
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Interviewed Guest Pauline Butcher Bird
Interviewed Guest James Sawyer
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