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Kelly Holmes focuses on one of the subjects she is most passionate about: healthy eating and wellbeing. What can we all learn from athletes about how exercise and staying motivated can change the game in our own lives?

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  • Dame Kelly Holmes

    Dame Kelly discusses her choices for the programme.

    Duration: 04:17

  • Motivation

    Tessa Sanderson CBE and Averil Leimon, leadership psychologist discuss motivation.

    Duration: 14:20

  • Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

    Dame Kelly Holmes discusses the Legacy Trust set up to help young people.

    Duration: 10:46

  • Juicing

    Dame Kelly Holmes and Sports dietician Jeanette Crosland discuss the benefits of juicing.

    Duration: 06:56

  • The Commonwealth Games

    Dame Kelly Holmes and Danielle Sellwood discuss the female athletes at Glasgow 2014.

    Duration: 04:20

Dame Kelly Holmes

Since winning two gold medals [800m and 1500m] at the Athens Olympics in 2004, Dame Kelly Holmes has been named BBC Sports Personality of the Year, has started her own charity to help young people who are struggling to find work and, in 2009, she became the President of Commonwealth Games England. As guest editor for Woman’s Hour, Kelly has chosen to take a look at the theme of motivation and how the ways in which athletes motivate themselves can be adopted by the rest of us. Olympic javlin champion Tessa Sanderson and leadership psychologist Averil Leimon discuss this topic. Kelly has also asked sports dietician Jeanette Crosland to talk about juicing and Danielle Sellwood [co-founder of Sportsister] will be discussing the chances of British female athletes at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.  

Dame Kelly Holmes

Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

Get On Track



In her book on motivation “Just Go for It!” Kelly Holmes admits that “without a goal or direction, I don’t feel I’m living my life”.   She says that we can all learn from the athlete’s mindset about how to stay motivated and make positive changes in our lives, however big or small.   But all athletic careers come to an end at some point. So how easy is it for sports people to make a smooth transition into a new career away from a life of intense training and competing?   Can new challenges live up to the buzz of competitive sport? To discuss how we can all tap into the mindset  of a champion to achieve more in our lives  Jenni is joined by Olympic champion, Tessa Sanderson CBE,  who competed in six Olympic Games and won gold in Los Angeles in 1984 and by Averil Leimon, leadership psychologist, director of business coaching company White Water Group, and the co-author of ‘Coaching Women to Lead’.

Averil Leimon

Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

In 2008, Dame Kelly Holmes set up the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust. Its aim is help young people get their lives back on track by using world class athletes to motivate and encourage them. One of the programmes operated by the Trust is called Get On Track and it has been designed specifically for NEETS [young people Not in Education, Employment or Training]. The programme is in three parts: On Your Marks [when athletes and young people first get together], Get Set [the young people undertake sporting or community-based projects to develop communication and team work skills] and then Go! [a celebration of what the young people have achieved]. Last Thursday, Kelly Holmes attended a Go! event in Torquay where she met young people who have successfully completed a six week Get On Track programme to give them the confidence and skills to make them more employable.


Juicing is considered by many to be a healthy way of introducing fruit and vegetables into the diet, and is something that Kelly Holmes is passionate about.  Over the last few years the Juice & smoothie industry has been growing steadily and juice bars have been starting to pop up on the high street like coffee chains. Their popularity is thought to be driven by raising health awareness and the convenience of buying already prepared drinks. Kelly joins Jenni in the studio, along with Sports dietician Jeanette Crosland, to talk about some of her favourite recipes and demonstrate how easy it is to include them as part of a healthy balanced diet.

The Commonwealth Games

The 2014 Commonwealth Games are being held in Glasgow this summer and from the 23rd July to the 3rd August, teams from 71 nations and territories [4,500 athletes] will compete for 261 medals in 17 sports. During her running career, Kelly Holmes won two golds and a silver at three different Commonwealth Games. She is now the President of Commonwealth Games England and will be explaining this role to Jenni Murray. They are joined by Danielle Sellwood – the co-founder of Sportsister [an online magazine about women’s sport] – to take a look at the chances of British female athletes at Glasgow 2014.   

Official Commonwealth Games website

Commonwealth Games England

BBC’s Commonwealth Games webpage



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