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Mickey Duff, John Tyson, Jill Sinclair, Adolfo Suarez, Oswald Morris

Matthew Bannister recalls boxing promoter Mickey Duff, explorer John Tyson, ZTT records boss Jill Sinclair, Spanish prime minister Adolfo Suarez and cinematographer Oswald Morris.

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Mickey Duff, the East End character who, for decades, was one of the most powerful figures in boxing.

John Tyson, the cartographer and explorer who set out to chart the unmapped region of Kanjiroba Himal.

Jill Sinclair, the business brains behind the ZTT record label. They had a string of hits in the eighties and nineties, including Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax".

Adolfo Suarez, the Prime Minister who oversaw Spain's transition from Franco's dictatorship to democracy.

And Oswald Morris, the cinematographer who won an Oscar for his work on "Fiddler on The Roof".

Producer: Neil George.

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28 minutes

Mickey Duff (pictured)

Matthew spoke to boxing historian John McDonald and to sports promoter Barry Hearn.

Born 7 June 1929; died 22 March 2014 aged 84.

John Tyson

Matthew spoke to fellow mountaineer John Earl.

Born 7 April 1928; died 10 March 2014 aged 85.

Jill Sinclair

Last Word spoke to musician Anne Dudley and to music journalist Pierre Perrone.

Born 5 april 1952; died 22 March 2014, aged 61.

Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez

Last Word spoke to historians Dr Gregorio Alonso and Prof Paul Preston CBE.

Born 25 September 1932; died 23 March 2014 aged 81.

Oswald Morris

Matthew spoke to cinematographer Brian Tufano.

Born 22 November 1915; died 17 March 2014 aged 98.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Neil George
Interviewed Guest John McDonald
Interviewed Guest Barry Hearn
Interviewed Guest John Earl
Interviewed Guest Anne Dudley
Interviewed Guest Pierre Perrone
Interviewed Guest Gregorio Alonso
Interviewed Guest Paul Preston
Interviewed Guest Brian Tufano