Buying and selling sex; Jobs in cyber security; Viper Wine

Should buying and selling sex be decriminalised? Opportunities for women in cyber security. And the beauty secrets of the court of Charles I. Jane Garvey presents.

Should buying and selling sex be decriminalised? Jane Garvey talks sex workers in Glasgow who think only full decriminalisation will give them protection and rights. Opportunities for women in cyber security. The deadly beauty secrets of women in the court of Charles I explored in Hermione Eyre's novel Viper Wine. Presenter Jane Garvey.

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  • Prostitution

    Sex workers give their views on why proposed legal changes would endanger them

    Duration: 25:56

  • Women in Cyber Security

    Why the government is trying to encourage more women into the cyber security industry

    Duration: 07:39

  • Viper Wine

    Hermione Eyre's first novel about the ladies at the court of Charles 1

    Duration: 09:40


This week Woman’s Hour examines the case for and against criminalising those who pay for sex. Yesterday we heard from the supporters of this proposed change in the law. Today we hear the opposing view. Jane speaks to three Glasgow based sex workers about their working lives and why the proposed legal changes would endanger them and anyone who sells sex.  The criminalising of paying for sex is often called the Nordic model as it was introduced in Sweden in 1999. Pye Jacobsson, an ex-sex worker who now speaks on prostitutes rights for the Rose Alliance says that the Swedish experience proves the Nordic model does the exact opposite of its stated intent - it endangers women, does not decrease the numbers of prostitutes and it negates women’s rights.

And in the coming weeks we will be talking to men who buy sex and to the MPs wanting changes in the law – both those in favour of criminalising men who buy sex and those in favour of decriminalising both buying and selling sex work.

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All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution

Woman's Hour, Mon 10th March



Women in Cyber Security

The government is trying to encourage more women into the cyber security industry - defeating computer viruses and protecting the UK government, businesses and citizens from hacking and online crime. It’s an area with few females in the workforce. We speak to Stephanie Daman and Lucy Horne about their work in the industry. And find out more about the Challenge competition set up to find the best in the business, and the benefits to cyber security of having more women.

Guests: Stephanie Daman, CEO Challenge and Lucy Horne, one of the finalists in the Challenge competition

Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre

Viper Wine, the title of Hermione Eyre’s first novel, refers to a beauty tonic consumed by the ladies at the court of Charles 1. It’s also the tonic that Venetia Stanley, who in real life inspired Ben Jonson's poetry and Van Dyck's painting, consumes in an attempt to restore her dazzling beauty. Hermione Eyre discusses what inspired her to write a historical novel set in the 17th century, with the intriguing Venetia Stanley and her alchemist, explorer, philosopher husband, Sir Kenelm Digby at its centre.


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Hermione Eyre
Interviewed Guest Stephanie Daman
Interviewed Guest Lucy Horne
Producer Eleanor Garland


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