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Sidi Toure in Session, Commonwealth Connections 6

Mary Ann Kennedy presents music from around the world, a session with Malian singer Sidi Toure and Part 6 of Commonwealth Connections, with music from Australia and Antigua.

Mary Ann Kennedy with tracks from across the globe, a studio session with Malian singer Sidi Toure, and Commonwealth Connections 6, with music from Australia and Antigua.

'Commonwealth Connections' is a BBC Radio 3 landmark 26-part weekly series leading up to the Commonwealth Games in July, featuring music from each of the 53 member states, reflecting the range of music and culture across the whole organisation.


Mark Atkins is regarded as one of Australia's finest virtuoso didgeridoo players and is recognized internationally for his collaborations with some of the world's leading musicians, including
Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Sinead O'Connor and minimalist classical composer Philip Glass. Atkins is of Irish/Australian heritage, as well as being a descendant of Western Australia's Yamitji people. We get a chance to hear him performing and weaving stories at a didgeridoo workshop- festival held in Woolloongabba, a suburb of Brisbane, alongside contributions from master didgeridoo player Stephen Kent and Aboriginal player Adrian Burragubba, who talks about the concepts of 'Dreamtime' and 'songlines'.


Up and coming 200m and 400m sprinter Kasheem Colbourne expresses through his music choice his deep pride in the beauty of his country. 'Antigua' by Rupert Blaize conjures up paradise-like images of this twin island state's stunning natural landscape and the warmth of its people, and for these reasons is a popular song in the country. Glasgow 2014 will be Kasheem's first time competing at Commonwealth level and in his contribution to this series he expresses his resolve to do well, represent Antigua and Barbuda, and put it on the map in the minds of the world-wide audience for the track and field events.


Sidi Toure was born in Gao in northern Mali , and he bases his music on the local Songhai styles. His new album 'Alafia' reflects Mali's recent turbulent times. Sidi Toure was on tour in France when Gao was occupied by rebels, and his new songs call on Malians to move forward in a spirit of unity.

2 hours

Music Played

  • Habib Koité

    Diarabi Niani

    Performer: Habib Koité.
    • Soo.
    • Contre Jour.
  • Mamani Keïta

    Marie Massa

    Performer: Mamani Keïta.
    • Kanou.
    • World Village.
  • Tinariwen

    Arhegh Danagh

    Performer: Tinariwen.
    • Emmaar.
    • Wedge.
  • Mestre Cupijo e Seu Ritmo

    Mambo do Martelo

    Performer: Mestre Cupijo e Seu Ritmo.
    • Siria.
    • Analog Africa.
  • Mayra Andrade

    A-mi n kre-u txeu

    Performer: Mayra Andrade.
    • Lovely Difficult.
    • Sterns.
  • Salsa Celtica

    He Mandhu (Aurel)

    Performer: Salsa Celtica.
    • The Tall Islands.
    • Discos Leon.
  • The Fisherman’s Friends

    John Kanaka

    Performer: The Fisherman’s Friends.
    • One and All.
    • Universal Island Records.
  • Kevin Burke and Micheal O Domnaill

    Lord Franklin

    Performer: Kevin Burke and Micheal O Domnaill.
    • The Ultimate Guide to Irish Folk.
    • ARC.
  • Antigua (Commonwealth Connections Heritage Track) (feat. Rupert Joseph Blaize)

  • R.U.T.A.

    Pan nas meczyl

    Performer: R.U.T.A..
    • Na vschod.
    • Karrot Kommando.
  • Rodrigo Costa Felix


    Performer: Rodrigo Costa Felix.
    • Fados de Amor.
    • ARC.
  • Ay Hôra (My Dance) (feat. Sidi Touré)

  • Ay Takamba (feat. Sidi Touré)

  • Mark Atkins

    Improvisation for Philip Glass

    Performer: Mark Atkins.
  • Adrian Burragubba

    Story of the Rainbow Serpent

    Performer: Adrian Burragubba.
  • Mark Atkins

    Improvisation for Piano and Didgeridoo (with a Chorus of Cicadas)

    Performer: Mark Atkins.
  • Stephen Kent


    Performer: Stephen Kent.
  • Parris MacLeod & Brock Jenson

    Improvisation for Piano and Didgeridoo (with a Chorus of Cicadas)

    Performer: Parris MacLeod & Brock Jenson.
  • Myizer Matlhaku

    Traditional Folk Song performed on Mbira by Myizer Matlhaku

    Performer: Myizer Matlhaku.
  • Gandyey (The Spirits) (feat. Sidi Touré)

  • L' eau (The Water) (feat. Sidi Touré)

  • Blazin' Fiddles

    Mama, come let's dance

    Performer: Blazin' Fiddles.
    • Six.
    • BRCD.
  • Sakar Khan

    Train song / Hichki

    Performer: Sakar Khan.
    • Sakar Khan - At home.
    • Amarrass.


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