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Scotland and the Union: Can Britain be Rebooted?

As Scotland votes on independence, Douglas Fraser asks if there is a coherent vision for the future of the union, and what that might mean north and south of Hadrian's Wall.

Is there any such thing as unionism, and what is the case for the union?

On September 18th, Scotland will vote in a referendum on whether to become independent. Supporters have been setting out their visions of how Scotland could be transformed. But what about those who want to keep Scotland within the United Kingdom? They've picked away at potential practical problems with independence - on sharing the pound sterling, or joining the European Union. But while the future may be unclear for an independent Scotland, the alternative of staying British may be just as unclear.

Douglas Fraser asks if there's a grand vision for those who argue Scotland should stay in the union. Is it more than just an appeal to a shared history or institutions? Is the union fit for purpose in the 21st century? These aren't just questions for Scotland. They represent a challenge to the rest of the UK - how can democratic and economic power be distributed to tackle disaffection with politics and the centralising pull of London?

The programme follows an edition Douglas presented in July 2013 on Scottish nationalism.

Producer: James Fletcher.

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