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E-cigarette advertising; Mortgage holidays; Rockers turned brewers; Rail compensation

Radio 4's consumer affairs programme. Peter White looks at the issues around e-cigarette advertising on TV, and talks to Francis Rossi about rock stars who brew craft beer.

Peter White looks at the issues around TV advertising for e-cigarettes, 'erroneous transfers' of energy supplier and your rights to compensation if your train is delayed. He also hears about a new scheme aimed at improving the experiences of dementia patients in hospital and talks to Status Quo's Francis Rossi about brewing the brand's beer.

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55 minutes


  • E-cig Advert

    An advert from a tobacco company is showing on TV for the first time in over two decades

    Duration: 07:46

  • Floods and design

    We take a look at aid funding for flood and also design for the future

    Duration: 07:32

  • Dementia

    A new initiative to help hospital staff understand the experiences of those with dementia

    Duration: 05:39

  • Pre-Nups

    Next week the law could be set to recognise pre-nup agreements

    Duration: 04:48

  • Atos

    More on Atos and its Work Capability Assessment Contract.

    Duration: 03:36

  • Rail Compensation

    A survey says 75% of rail users don't realise they're entitled to refunds or compensation

    Duration: 04:24

  • Mortgage holiday

    Victims of flood are being offered mortgage holidays. Can they affect your credit rating?

    Duration: 02:09

  • Rock Beer

    Status Quo have released a beer, what's turning our rock bands into brewers?

    Duration: 07:29

  • IPPR

    A recent report says getting mothers back into the workplace could generate £1.4bn a year

    Duration: 03:54

  • Erroneous Transfers

    More people complaining about being switched to a new energy provider without permission.

    Duration: 06:58


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