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Joanne Harris, Rosie Dastgir, John Lucas, Allan Chatburn

Ian McMillan's guests are the writers Joanne Harris and Rosie Dastgir, and he'll also be exploring the art of whistling with John Lucas and Allan Chatburn.

45 minutes


John Lucas, Allan Chatburn & Sheila Harrod

John Lucas, Allan Chatburn & Sheila Harrod

John Lucas and Allan Chatburn wondered where all the whistling had gone, and were inspired to write ‘A Brief History of Whistling’ (Five Leaves Press). The book uncovers the history of this form of communication that isn’t quite language and isn’t quite music, tracing its literary presence from Homer to D.H Lawrence. World champion whistler Sheila Harrod gives a virtuoso performance.



Five Leaves Press


Rosie Dastgir

Rosie Dastgir

The writer Rosie Dastgir is the author of ‘A Small Fortune’ (Quercus). In conjunction with the Writer’s Room, The Verb has commissioned a series of short dramas on the theme of ‘Love and Hate’. Rosie’s lyrical drama is ‘Love at Last Sight’, about a couple divided by the geography of London





Love at Last Sight Cast:

EVA                                           Patrycja Halina Oprawkop

NICK                                          Tachia Newell

PARAMEDIC/VAN DRIVER         William Travis

SHOP ASSISTANT                    Daniel Francis-Swaby


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The Writer's Room


Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris is the bestselling author of sixteen novels. Her latest book is ‘The Gospel of Loki’ (Gollancz). Joanne tells Ian how she has been captivated by Scandinavian myth since childhood, and her sense that the impact of Old Norse can still be heard in the slang of her native Yorkshire.


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David Gaffney

David Gaffney

David Gaffney has written a short story especially for The Verb to celebrate the introduction of the word ‘Cubanisation’ into the dictionary. His story ponders the correct relationship between a man and the age of his vacuum cleaner. David’s most recent collection of stories is ‘More Sawn off Tales’ (Salt).


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