Religion and immigration

In a special edition of Sunday one month on since EU restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians were lifted, Edward is joined by Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Dame Julia Neuberger and Douglas Murray to examine the relationship between religion and immigration in the UK.

However, some Romanians have been here rather longer. Edward travels to Luton to meet Rev Martin Burrell, chaplain to the Gypsies, Travellers and Roma people of St Albans, to find out how the Romanian Roma community and the Church of England have been working together.

Former coalition minister Sarah Teather joins Edward to discuss why a month long Jesuit retreat helped her reach the decision to step down at the next election and how religion can inject humanity into the debate on immigration.

Almost 18 months after the government action plan to stop child abuse in the name of faith or belief we hear from people within the African church community who say not enough is being done to prevent future cases of witchcraft related child abuse. Trevor Barnes investigates what happens when religion and immigration go wrong.

Every year thousands of immigrants travel to the UK to start a new life. Kevin Bocquet meets the chaplains of Manchester airport who minister to people from all over the world.

Producer: Annabel Deas and Jill Collins
Series Producer: Amanda Hancox


Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin
Dame Julia Neuberger
Douglas Murray
Sarah Teather
Rev Martin Burrell.

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