Newsagents struggle for survival

Open all hours? The newsagents' struggle for survival. And is £800 for a weekend good value for a holiday? Winifred Robinson speaks to the boss of Center Parcs.

Open all hours? The newsagents' struggle for survival. Is £800 for a weekend good value for a holiday? We speak to the boss of Center Parcs.

The website that promises a personalised bargain but left many people frustrated and empty handed over Christmas.

And would your city break include a game where you and your friends pay to be trapped in a claustrophobic room and have to find clues to get out?

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56 minutes


  • Network Rail

    Duration: 10:54

  • Newsagents

    Newsagents are struggling to compete with supermarket convenience stores.

    Duration: 05:37

  • Exit Games

    Budapest's tourist attraction - a game called Chlaustrophilia...

    Duration: 08:46

  • Scotland and Consumers

    What changes could there be for consumers if Scotland votes for independence?

    Duration: 07:28

  • Go Groopie

    Go Groopie customers who have not received products they bought.

    Duration: 03:25

  • Center Parcs

    Center Parcs have occupancy of over 97% all year round and a new site is set to open.

    Duration: 05:42

  • Henderson's Sauce

    MP caused uproar when he accused Henderson's Relish of copying Lea and Perrins Sauce

    Duration: 04:29

  • In App Purchases

    Makers of mobile phone apps have been told by OFT to make sure children cannot spend

    Duration: 05:08


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