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Professor Iain Hutchison

Anita Anand discovers what drives people to pursue certain careers. In this episode, she talks to world-renowned facial surgeon Prof Iain Hutchison.

Anita Anand knew she was meant to be a journalist from the moment she covered her first news story. An instinct she followed proved to be correct, and convinced her that she should pursue journalism.

In this series of interviews for 'One to One', Anita discovers what drives people to pursue certain careers. Was there an epiphany, something in their very core, or a series of events that motivated them?

This week's guest is world-renowned facial surgeon, Professor Iain Hutchison. In the very early part of his career he spent a year working in casualty. He treated many young men with facial injuries sustained in car accidents. He realised that - simply by stitching them up under local anaesthetic - he could make not just a medical, but an emotional difference to their lives. It was this that led him onto his career in facial surgery, and to the establishment of a charity that researches the prevention and treatment of facial diseases and injuries.

Next week Anita speaks to Mathew Waddington, a partner in a law firm who chose to specialise in children's law following the death of his daughter.

Producer: Karen Gregor.

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Anita Anand and Iain Hutchison

Anita Anand and Iain Hutchison


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