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Orwell, Stoicism Week, Sue Webster and Gavin Turk on Glass Art

Philip Dodd discusses Orwell and englishness, artists Gavin Turk and Sue Webster on working in glass, and Stoic Week.

As Scotland and England consider the future of the United Kingdom, Philip Dodd discusses what Orwell and his version of Englishness might have to offer the debate, with Robert Colls, author of 'George Orwell: English Rebel', historian Selina Todd, and singer and author Pat Kane.

As an exhibition of glasswork by contemporary British artists opens in London, Philip talks to two of the contributors Gavin Turk and Sue Webster about working in the medium.

And from the Ancient Agora to the therapist's couch? A group of philosophers and psychotherapists suggest Stoic philosophy is a tool for self help. Are they right? Philip is joined by Radio 3 New Generation Thinker Jules Evans who is one of the organisers of Stoic Week and by classicist Professor Edith Hall, and philosopher and journalist Mark Vernon.

Produced by Luke Mulhall.

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45 minutes


  • George Orwell & Englishness

    Robert Colls, Selina Todd and Pat Kane discuss Orwell and his version of Englishness

    Duration: 13:45

  • Glass Art

    Gavin Turk and Sue Webster talk about working with the medium of glass

    Duration: 11:25

  • Stoicism Week

    Jules Evans, Professor Edith Hall, and Mark Vernon discuss Stoicism

    Duration: 15:34

  • Chinese Culture

    Philip Dodd ruminates on the future of China and it's economy and culture

    Duration: 03:34

Glasstress: White Light / White Heat

Glasstress 2013 is on at The London College of Fashion from Wednesday 27 November 2013 until Sunday 23 February 2014 and The Wallace Collection, Hertford House, London until Wednesday 26 February 2014.

George Orwell

George Orwell: English Rebel written by Robert Colls is published by Oxford University Press.

Stoicism Week

For more information on the stoicism week, running until Monday 2 December 2013 please see this Exeter University blog.


Role Contributor
Presenter Philip Dodd
Producer Luke Mulhall
Interviewed Guest Gavin Turk
Interviewed Guest Sue Webster
Interviewed Guest Pat Kane
Interviewed Guest Edith Hall
Interviewed Guest Mark Vernon
Interviewed Guest Robert Colls
Interviewed Guest Selina Todd
Interviewed Guest Jules Evans


  • Tue 26 Nov 2013 22:00

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