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nPower; Timeshares; Broadband bills

Why ECO funding is being stalled, nPower on why its customer service complaints are so high, and timeshares - the holidays you can't give away. With Winifred Robinson.

An executive from N Power explains why one listener's bill hasn't been sorted out for ten months. The holiday dreams that people can't give away for free. We'll hear about people trapped with Timeshares they just don't want. We're in the Orkneys to find out whether air source heat pumps really can save money on your electricity bills. Plus, why your broadband bill could suddenly rise in price without warning.

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56 minutes


  • Eco Funding

    Jon Douglas explains the ECO funding we pay for through our bills

    Duration: 09:30

  • Copying Celebrities

    Some people spend £100 a month trying to look like celebrities but does it work?

    Duration: 04:06

  • Broadband

    What happens after the cut-price introductory deals offered to new Customers runs out?

    Duration: 02:54

  • Timeshare

    Most debts die with you. But not Timeshare

    Duration: 08:45

  • N Power Complaints

    We talk to N Power's Guy Esnouf about how difficult it can be to get in touch with them

    Duration: 08:46

  • Air Heat Pumps

    Are air source heat pumps really such a viable way to bring your bills down?

    Duration: 10:11

  • Pay As You Go Gyms

    Why were three of Britain's biggest gym chains made to change their membership terms?

    Duration: 06:24


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