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Shula's buys groceries from Ambridge Organics for Jill, who's not comfortable driving at the moment. Shula reflects on Brian and Jennifer, who are on their way to Mauritius. How lovely it would be to leave it all behind, she and Helen agree.

Kirsty tells Tom about her excruciating rehearsals with Rob. She'll deserve an acting award to pull off their romance.

Helen feels like pulling out of the drinks tonight with Patrick, Kirsty and Tom. But Kirsty's determined Helen will let her hair down.

After some persuasion Helen, accepts a small glass of wine, but a little leads to a lot. Helen gets drunk and pours her heart out to Kirsty about how much she misses Rob, while Tom and Patrick have fun with the quiz machine. Kirsty wonders whether tonight was a good idea.

Eddie has some good news for Darrell. He has an offer of some cash-in-hand joinery work for a mate, on Neil's recommendation. Darrell's mood rockets. Shula's pleased for him, but wary about how he'll organise his benefits. She tries to warn overconfident Darrell not to get ahead of himself. But he reckons he'll get lots more work and will soon be out of her hair.

Release date:

13 minutes

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Fri 22 Nov 2013 19:00


Role Contributor
Jill ArcherPatricia Greene
Kenton ArcherRichard Attlee
Shula Hebden LloydJudy Bennett
David ArcherTim Bentinck
Ruth ArcherFelicity Finch
Elizabeth PargetterAlison Dowling
Helen ArcherLouiza Patikas
Tom ArcherTom Graham
Jolene PerksBuffy Davis
Fallon RogersJoanna Van Kampen
Kathy PerksHedli Niklaus
Joe GrundyEdward Kelsey
Clarrie GrundyHeather Bell
Ed GrundyBarry Farrimond
Nic GrundyBecky Wright
Will GrundyPhilip Molloy
Emma GrundyEmerald O'Hanrahan
Susan CarterCharlotte Martin
Tracy HorrobinSusie Riddell
Oliver SterlingMichael Cochrane
Caroline SterlingSara Coward
Lynda SnellCarole Boyd
Kirsty MillerAnnabelle Dowler
Alan FranksJohn Telfer
Jazzer McCrearyRyan Kelly
Darrell MakepeaceDan Hagley
Rosa MakepeaceAnna Piper
WriterCaroline Harrington
DirectorPeter Leslie Wild
ProducerJulie Beckett
EditorJulie Beckett

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BBC Action Line - Nic Grundy's storyline

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