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Consumer news with Winifred Robinson.

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  • Shared Ownership

    What are the pros and cons of shared ownership?

    Duration: 10:23

  • Margaret Hodge - Chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee

    What does she make of those who pay for media training before being interrogated by her?

    Duration: 07:39

  • Brighton Street Drinkers

    Would a ban on sales of strong beer and cider get rid of drunks on the streets?

    Duration: 08:18

  • Post Office Broadband

    We hear from a customer who's unhappy with the Post Office broadband and phone upgrade

    Duration: 02:16

  • Amazon Source

    Amazon are encouraging independent bookshops in America to sell Kindles under a new deal

    Duration: 07:47

  • Launch of the PS4 and latest XBox

    Technology expert Tom Cheesewright gives his verdict on the latest games consoles

    Duration: 06:31

  • Dr Who fans charged for mini-episode

    Why were Dr Who fans charged for an episode that was free to download in the USA?

    Duration: 01:25

  • House Prices

    A new phone app's been developed to collate house sale prices rather than asking prices

    Duration: 05:42


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