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How to give up smoking

Giving up smoking can be hard. Louise Minchin hears how support from a local group might help. Plus, the training you can get if you're ever in front of a tough select committee.

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56 minutes


  • 95% Mortagage

    We talk to the building society bringing out 95% mortgages to help first time buyers

    Duration: 06:21


    Why Ofgem are making sure that very small businesses aren't victims of mis-selling

    Duration: 04:53

  • Amazon Pricing

    We discuss the dropping of Amaon's "price parity" rule

    Duration: 04:37

  • Select Committee Training

    We speak a PR firm that offers training to those about to appear before Margaret Hodge

    Duration: 08:33

  • Age Crunch

    Samantha Fenwick investigates YouGov's latest research into a older workforces

    Duration: 06:48

  • Children on Flights

    Do parents travelling on flights with small children automatically get seated together...

    Duration: 04:55

  • Giving Up Smoking

    How difficult is it to give up smoking? We ask Radio 4's John Waite

    Duration: 05:51

  • Gazumping

    Could gazumping be making a come back?

    Duration: 05:49

  • UK City of Culture

    How much difference can an award like the UK City of Culture make?

    Duration: 03:27


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