Women playwrights; Does the education system fail boys?

Does the education system fail boys? Sally Nicholls on her new ghost story for teenagers about the legacy of fostering and adoption. Can you control what pictures of your children appear online? The 100 great female playwrights. With Jane Garvey.

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  • Is Conventional Education Designed To Suit Girls Better Than Boys?

    Dr Alice Sullivan of the Institute of Education & Executive Headteacher Louise Nichols

    Duration: 11:50

  • Isabel Marant

    Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor at the Telegraph, on the French designer Isabel Marant

    Duration: 05:33

  • How Can We Control Images Of Our Children On The Internet?

    Media law barrister Christina Michalos on rights and images of our children online

    Duration: 05:46

  • Great Plays For Women

    Director of Tonic Theatre, Lucy Kerbel, and playwright Diane Samuels join Jane to discuss

    Duration: 09:33

  • Sally Nicholls

    Children’s book prize author Sally Nicholls on her latest novel Close Your Pretty Eyes

    Duration: 07:40

Is Conventional Education Designed To Suit Girls Better Than Boys?

Last week we heard from the head of the University and Colleges Admissions Service, Mary Curnock Cook, who is on our Power List. She contended that the fact that girls now outperform boys at every level of education was a ‘significant social problem’. Jane is joined by Dr Alice Sullivan from the Institute of Education, and by Executive Headteacher of Kingsmead and Gayhurst schools in Hackney, Louise Nichols, to discuss how much of a concern this issue is, and what, if anything, can be done to better support boys in school?

Isabel Marant

Buzz about French designer Isabel Marant’s new collection for H&M has been building for weeks. Shoppers queued from four am on the day of release, and her trademark fringed boots sold out in 20 minutes. Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor at the Telegraph, discusses the appeal of limited collections with Jane.

How Can We Control Images Of Our Children On The Internet?

A mother whose three year old daughter was filmed without her knowledge, and then her image used in an online campaign, is furious because she believes there is nothing she can do to have the video removed. So what rights do you have over images of your children posted on the internet? Media law barrister Christina Michalos explains.

Great Plays For Women

It is often said ‘there aren’t any good plays for women’. In order to dispel this myth Lucy Kerbel, the Director of Tonic Theatre, set out to investigate, and has compiled a personal guide to 100 plays that put female performers centre stage. She joins Jane to discuss these, along with the playwright Diane Samuels, whose own play Kindertransport is included in the book.


100 Great Plays for Women by Lucy Kerbel is published by Nick Hern Books


Lucy Kerbel discusses her book with Kate Mosse at the National Theatre Platform on 20 November


Kindertransport is playing at the Theatre Royal in Brighton from 18-23 November, and the tour continues in 2014

Sally Nicholls

Jane speaks to children’s book prize author Sally Nicholls about her latest novel Close Your Pretty Eyes. 11 year old Olivia Glass has been in care since the age of five, and enters her sixteenth foster home only to discover that it was the home to the notorious and real-life Victorian baby farmer Amelia Dyer, who was hanged for murdering hundreds of babies. Sally describes why she chose a ghost story and psychological thriller to write about children in care.


Close your Pretty Eyes by Sally Nicholls is published by Scholastic


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Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Sally Nicholls
Interviewed Guest Lucy Kerbel
Interviewed Guest Diane Samuels
Interviewed Guest Lisa Armstrong
Interviewed Guest Louise Nichols
Interviewed Guest Dr Alice Sullivan
Interviewed Guest Christina Michalos
Producer Caroline Donne


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