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2. The open road

Toad takes Mole and Rat away in his new caravan…but discovers he'd far rather drive a motor car.

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15 minutes


  • Toad and the canary-coloured caravan

    Mole and Ratty visit Toad...and are shown his new caravan.

    Duration: 05:42

  • The high road

    The three friends set out for a carvan adventure.

    Duration: 03:21

  • 'Poop-poop!' Toad's new craze

    A passing motor car destroys the caravan...but Toad is entranced.

    Duration: 05:41


Mole asks the Rat if they can visit Toad so off they both go to Toad Hall. Toad is delighted to welcome and reveals his passion for boating has recently been surplanted by a canary-coloured caravan. In fact, Toad intends all three of them to start a caravan adventure that very day.

Ratty can see that Mole is anxious to agree to the trip so both friends set of on the open road with Toad. They spend an uneventful night in the caravan and the following morning a distant cloud of dust appears on the horizon - a motor car.  The car flashes past and the caravan falls into a ditch. But far from being annoyed Toad is entranced: as the car disappears once again all he can say is 'Poop! Poop!'


Programme notes

Programme notes

A guide to each episode with literacy activities (1.1 MB pdf)