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Helen Clark; Susie Orbach; Mariane Perle; Singing to survive; Sally Bolton

Former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark; Susie Orbach and Mariane Pearl discuss the media's portrayal of women; Val McDermid talks about her new novel. Jenni Murray presents.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark on women and leadership; Susie Orbach and Mariane Pearl discuss the media's portrayal of women; Val McDermid talks about her new novel; Singing to Survive - a concert to commemorate the women's Vocal Orchestra created in a Japanese prison camp during WW2.

Presenter: Jenni Murray
Producer: Helen Lee.

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58 minutes


  • 100 Women: Helen Clark

    Former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, now Administrator of the UNDP

    Duration: 11:54

  • Singing to Survive

    Margie Caldicott - relative of two Palembang internees - and Tenko actress Louise Jameson

    Duration: 10:30

  • 100 Women: Susie Orbach & Mariane Pearl

    Mariane Pearl & Susie Orbach on how women are represented by the media

    Duration: 08:55

  • Val McDermid

    Best-selling crime writer Val McDermid discusses her new novel, Cross and Burn

    Duration: 10:17

100 Women: Helen Clark

Hillary Clinton once said of Helen Clark: “Her opponents have observed that in the event of a nuclear war, the two things to emerge from the rubble will be the cockroaches and Helen Clark” and there is no doubt that the former Prime Minister of New Zealand is a formidable political force. She was her country’s Prime Minister [from 1999 to 2008] and in 2009, she became the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme [the third highest UN position]. She is the first woman to lead this organisation and earlier this year, she was appointed to the role for another four-year term. She is also ranked 21st on the Forbes list of most powerful women in the world. Helen is in London to attend the BBC’s 100 Women conference and she talks to Jenni about women in leadership and about the progress being made to realise Millenium Development Goals which aim to reduce maternal mortality and provide universal access to reproductive healthcare. 



This month, the BBC’s 100 Women season seeks to shine a light on life for women in the 21st Century. Throughout October, there will be special reports and programmes on BBC TV, radio and online presented by our correspondents around the world as they reveal the risks, challenges and opportunities women face every day, in every country. The 100 Women season concludes with a conference next Friday in the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House in London when 100 women from around the world meet to debate the big issues affecting women today. The conference will be streamed online and broadcast live on BBC World News TV and on World Service radio.


100 Women


You can get in touch via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #100Women.

Val McDermid

Val McDermid
Best selling crime writer Val McDermid joins Jenni to discuss her new novel ‘Cross and Burn’, in which she revisits  the character of clinical psychologist and  offender  profiler, Tony Hill, hero of the popular TV series ‘The Wire in the Blood’.

Singing to Survive

This Saturday/tomorrow evening, a special concert – called Singing to Survive - is being staged in Chichester to commemorate the 70th anniversary of a very unusual choir. In the September of 1943, female internees at the Japanese civilian internment camp in Palembang, Sumatra created a vocal orchestra. Many of these women were evacuees from Singapore who had been shipwrecked by Japanese bombs the previous year and they were to become prisoners for over three and a half years. During captivity, British internee Norah Chambers (who had studied at the Royal Academy of Music) formed a vocal orchestra with Presbyterian missionary, Margaret Dryburgh. Together they jotted down musical scores from memory and re-arranged them into four-part vocal scores. They created thirty pieces in total - including such classics as Dvorak’s Largo and Ravel’s Bolero. By using only vowel sounds they overcame language difficulties. This weekend, the Chichester Women’s Vocal Orchestra will sing some of the pieces arranged by Norah and Margaret. Jenni talks to Margie Caldicott – who is the daughter and grand-daughter of two of the Palembang internees as well as one of the organisers of Singing to Survive. They are joined by Tenko actress Louise Jameson who is also taking part in Saturday’s/tomorrow’s concert reading diary extracts, poetry and prose written by Margaret Dryburgh and other internees.


‘Singing to Survive’ is being staged at St Paul’s Church in Chichester at 7.30pm on Saturday, 26th October 2013. SOLD OUT


Singing to Survive

100 Women: Susie Orbach & Mariane Pearl

Throughout October the BBC’s 100 Women season has been reporting on what life is like for women across the world; looking at the risks, challenges and opportunities women from all walks of life face every day.  On Friday 25 October the season concludes with a unique event at Broadcasting House which brings together 100 women from around the world to debate the big issues affecting women today.  One of the themes being discussed is how women are represented by the media. Two of the delegates, Mariane Pearl, journalist & managing editor of Chime for Change, a global movement for women’s rights and Susie Orbach, psychotherapist & writer and campaigner with Endangered Bodies join Jenni from the conference.


100 Women


Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Interviewed Guest Helen Clark
Interviewed Guest Susie Orbach
Interviewed Guest Mariane Pearl
Interviewed Guest Val McDermid
Producer Helen Lee


  • Fri 25 Oct 2013 10:00

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