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Poorly trained psychotherapists, inheriting air-miles, rail-fare loopholes

Consumer news with Winifred Robinson, discussing poorly trained psychotherapists, inheriting air-miles, and rail-fare loopholes.

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  • Mobile Phone Contracts

    OFCOM announced today that contracts should be cancelled if the price is put up.

    Duration: 05:21

  • Badly Trained Therapists

    Psychotherapists are concerned about people taking clients, after doing limited training.

    Duration: 07:33

  • Sustainable Fish

    Catchbox: connecting the fisherman direct with his customers.

    Duration: 07:59

  • Inheriting Airmiles

    What happens to airmiles when you die?

    Duration: 06:01

  • Peak Train Fares

    Passengers use crafty trick to avoid peak time fares.

    Duration: 05:15

  • Children's Medicine

    Should you be concerned about the additives in children's medicine?

    Duration: 04:35

  • Shopper's High Street

    We don't seem to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to where we shop.

    Duration: 08:45

  • Postal Scams

    Calls are being made for Royal Mail to filter out postal scams at the sorting stage.

    Duration: 08:18


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