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Alexandra Roach; Dr Clare Gerada; Obesity; 'Pretty or Ugly' videos

Dr Clare Gerada, chair of the Royal College of GPs talks to Jane Garvey about her career. Plus how doctors should give advice on obesity, and a look into 'pretty or ugly' websites.

Dr Clare Gerada, a Woman's Hour Powerlister, joins Jane Garvey to talk about her role as Chair of the Council of the Royal College of GPs. She'll also be discussing the advice that GPs give to people who are obese. NICE guidelines recommend that Doctors should be respectful. Alexandra Roach is in the film One Chance where she plays the wife of Paul Potts, the Britain's Got Talent winner. Janet Love, a South African Human Rights Commissioner joins Jane to talk about her work to promote equality for women. And the artist Louise Orwin created a number of online personalities in order to research 'Pretty or Ugly' videos in which young girls post pictures of themselves for other viewers to rate. She talks to Jane about what she discovered.

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58 minutes


  • Power List Interview - Dr Clare Gerada

    The GP Chair of the Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners

    Duration: 10:27

  • How Doctors Should Advise The Obese

    Jane Deville Almond of the British Obesity Society & Dr Clare Gerada

    Duration: 08:39

  • Alexandra Roach

    Welsh actress Alexandra Roach, starring in new film One Chance

    Duration: 08:24

  • Janet Love - Promoting Gender Equality In South Africa

    South African Human Rights Commissioner & National Director of the Legal Resources Centre

    Duration: 07:18

  • Louise Orwin And Pretty Ugly

    Artist Louise Orwin on Pretty or Ugly videos & exploring the issues they raise in her art

    Duration: 06:37

Power List Interview - Dr Clare Gerada

Clare Gerada is a GP Chair of the Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a position she holds until November. A vocal defender of the NHS, she sprang to prominence as a leading voice in the opposition to the coalition government’s reorganisation of the NHS in England.  Early this year she was named as one of Woman’s Hour’s 100 most powerful women in the UK.  She joins Jane to talk about the role, her medical career and what power means to her.

Doctors And Obese Patients

Doctors should be more respectful when giving advice to obese people - that is the latest recommendation from the National Institute for Clinical Evidence. Too often the advice given by GPs can be simplistic or given too abruptly, which patients can find off-putting. By adopting a non-blaming approach, it is hoped that patients will be encouraged to take action over their weight. So will it work? Jane Deville Almond, Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Chair of British Obesity Society, and Dr Clare Gerada, Chair of the Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners discuss.


National Obesity Forum

Alexandra Roach

The Welsh actress stars opposite James Cordon playing the wife of Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts in the film One Chance. Billed as a comedy, at its heart, One Chance is a love story that shows that with the support of Julie-Ann, Paul Potts was able to overcome years of bullying and a lack of confidence to realise his love and talent for singing opera. Alex started her acting career as a troubled teenager on the S4C Welsh TV soap Pobol Y Cwm, went on to play the young Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, and has also appeared in Private Peaceful, Hunderby, and Utopia.

Janet Love

Janet Love, South African Human Rights Commissioner and National Director of the Legal Resources Centre, talks to Jane about her work promoting equality for women in South Africa.

Louise Orwin And Pretty Ugly

There are nearly half a million 'Pretty or Ugly' videos on YouTube, made by young girls, some aged nine to thirteen, who want to validate their beauty by asking viewers to rate their appearance. Louise Orwin is an artist who works with video, photography, and live performance. In order to challenge these videos, and to further her research, she created a number of online personalities. Like the girls, she has been trolled and received sexually explicit messages from middle aged men. She explores these themes in Pretty Ugly at the Camden People’s Theatre - part of the Calm Down Dear festival of feminism.


Pretty Ugly runs from 23 October to 9 November at the Camden People's Theatre in London


Pretty Ugly Blog


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Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Clare Gerada
Interviewed Guest Janet Love
Interviewed Guest Louise Orwin
Producer Lucinda Montefiore


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