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Quantitative Easing: Miracle Cure or Dangerous Addiction?

Could quantitative easing create a bigger financial crisis than the one it was supposed to avert? Sunday Telegraph economic commentator Liam Halligan argues that it could.

Quantitative Easing was the drug prescribed by economists to keep Western economies functioning in a moment of crisis. Sunday Telegraph economic commentator Liam Halligan argues that the policy of money creation has now become a dangerous addiction.

Interviewees include:

Dr Adam Posen, President of the Petersen Institute for International Economics in Washington DC
Stephen King, Chief Economist of HSBC
Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars
Professor Richard Werner, Chair in International Banking at Southampton University
Dan Conaghan, author of The Bank: Inside the Bank of England
Dr Philippa Malmgren, former financial markets advisor to the US President

Producer: Phil Kemp.

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