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Which party guests?; Images of motherhood; Rape awareness

Jane Garvey discusses images that challenge sentimental views of motherhood. Plus throwing a party - who gets invited and who doesn't? How to avoid giving offence.

Throwing a party - who gets the invites and who doesn't? Writer Liz Brewer and party organiser Suzette Field discuss how to avoid giving offence. Can campaigns intended to raise awareness about rape unintentionally lead to victims being blamed? Rhiannon Hedge, NUS Wales Women's Officer and Professor Joanna Bourke, historian at Birkbeck, University of London and author of Rape, a history from 1860 to the present, join Jane to discuss. Images that challenge sentimental views of motherhood. Photographers Elinor Carucci and Ana Casa Broda talk about why they've chosen to portray themselves and their children in this way. Post-cancer breast reconstruction - making the decision. Women share their stories in a series of newly launched films. 85 year-old author Lore Segal discusses her latest novel which tackles fears of dementia, the unravelling of minds, and the impact on families.

Presenter: Jane Garvey.
Producer: Kirsty Starkey.

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45 minutes


  • Discussing Rape And Consent Without Blaming Victims

    NUS Wales Women’s Officer Rhiannon Hedge & Professor Joanna Bourke of Birkbeck University

    Duration: 08:44

  • Motherhood And Photography

    Photographers Ana Casas Broda & Elinor Carucci on documenting pregnancy, birth & beyond

    Duration: 09:32

  • Parties And Invitation Etiquette

    Liz Brewer author of The Ultimate Guide to Party Planning & party organiser Suzette Field

    Duration: 06:43

  • Making A Decision About Breast Reconstruction

    Professor Eilis McCaughan of Ulster University, Coirle Butler and Caroline Butler

    Duration: 08:44

  • Fictionalising Dementia

    New York writer Lore Segal on writing her novel Half the Kingdom which looks at dementia

    Duration: 07:19

Motherhood and Photography

The photographers Ana Casas Broda and Elinor Carucci decided to turn the camera on themselves and to document their experience of motherhood from pregnancy to giving birth and beyond. Why did they decide to exhibit such candid photographs which reveal the beautiful and ugly side to becoming a mother, and why are stereotypical images of motherhood usually so sentimental and idealized?

Mother by Elinor Carucci is published by Prestel. 

Kinderwunsch by Ana Casas Broda is published by La Fabrica.

Home Truths: Photography & Motherhood is on show at The Photographers’ Gallery as well as The Foundling in London until 5 January 2014. The associated book is published by Art/Books.

Fictionalising Dementia

Fears of dementia, the unravelling of minds, and the impact on those around them are explored in a novel by New York writer Lore Segal. Through the interweaving of stories told in the first person, we witness the confusion of what is described by others as “going around the bend”.  Lore joins Jane to discuss writing Half the Kingdom at 85, how she and her friends worry about losing their memories, and the unexpected pleasures of old age.


Half the Kingdom, published by Melville House, is out now.

Discussing Rape and Consent Without Blaming Victims

Campaigns to raise awareness of rape are nothing new. But the way in which they are done appears to be changing. But how easy is it to tackle attitudes and to avoid the historic charge that such campaigns lead to victim blaming? Jane talks to Rhiannon Hedge, NUS Wales Women’s Officer and Professor Joanna Bourke, historian at Birkbeck, University of London and author of Rape, a history from 1860 to the present.


Reclaim the Campus - NUS Wales Women

Parties and Invitation Etiquette

If you are holding a party or gathering of any kind how do you decide who will be on your guest list? How do you avoid giving offence? And does the pain of not being invited to a party lessen as you get older? Jane is joined by Liz Brewer, author of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Party Planning & Etiquette’ and party organiser and promoter, Suzette Field.

Making a Decision about Breast Reconstruction

Women diagnosed with breast cancer are often faced with making a decision about reconstruction, while having to assimilate and comprehend a large amount of information in a clinical environment, at a time of extreme stress. The University of Ulster has launched a DVD -Inform - series of eight short information films with women sharing their stories, aimed at informing and supporting women faced with this decision.  Jane discusses the idea behind the films with Eilis McCaughan, Professor of Cancer Care at the University of Ulster and hears from Coirle Butler and Caroline Butler, who describe their experiences and how they took their individual decisions. 


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Liz Brewer
Interviewed Guest Suzette Field
Interviewed Guest Rhiannon Hedge
Interviewed Guest Joanna Bourke
Interviewed Guest Elinor Carucci
Interviewed Guest Ana Casa Broda
Interviewed Guest Lore Segal
Producer Kirsty Starkey


  • Mon 21 Oct 2013 10:00

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