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The Murderous Mandate

A bomb in Whitehall in 1947 brings the vicious conflict in Palestine to the heart of Empire. Fergal Keane tells the extraordinary story of Betty Knut and the Stern Gang.

In April 1947 a young French woman talked her way past the guard of Dover House in Whitehall. She told him she was desperate to use the toilet. In fact Betty Knut was there to plant a bomb at the very heart of the Empire. It proved just how far some militants were willing to go in their campaign to remove the British from Palestine.

In part six of Fergal Keane's exploration of the changing nature of terrorism, he's joined by historian David Cesarani and former member of the Jewish underground, Hanna Armoni, to tell the story of the dedicated groups that turned their bombs and bullets against the British occupation.

Producer: Alasdair Cross.

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15 minutes