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The Privy Council - an ancient body which advises the Queen, and mostly made up of senior politicians - has rejected press proposals for a royal charter. Alternative plans proposed by the government after cross-party talks will now be re-examined, with ministers saying they might consider some of the industry's ideas. Some publications, like the Guardian, say the differences between the two charters are bridgeable. Others, like The Spectator, say it amounts to a 'politicians charter' that they won't be signing up to. Steve Hewlett speaks to The Times editor John Witherow, one of the central characters in the debate, about what happens next, now the newspapers' proposals for regulation have been rejected.

The BBC Director General Tony Hall has set out his big plans for the future of the BBC. They include the launch of a BBC One + 1 service, and a revamped, personalised iPlayer, offering a 30-day catch-up period. In his first major interview since his appointment in February, Steve Hewlett speaks to James Purnell - former Labour politician - now the BBC's Director of Strategy and Digital, about how the BBC's future vision can become a reality.

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