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Play Streets: No Cars

Julian Worricker visits a street in Bristol where parents have managed to block off cars for three hours a week. It means children can run free, ride their bikes and play safely.

We go to Bristol, where in some streets, cars and motorbikes are banned so children can play safely on the streets. This week Scotland brings in a law which makes it compulsory to fit a carbon monoxide alarm if you install a new heater. So why doesn't the rest of the UK do the same? And we'll also be looking at the millions of pounds being paid to solicitors who are making claims against NHS hospitals.

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  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

    From tomorrow carbon monoxide alarms will be compulsory in Scotland.

    Duration: 06:42

  • School Breakfast Clubs

    Just how difficult is it to run breakfast clubs?

    Duration: 08:09

  • Overbooked Flights

    Why are people bumped off flights and what are your rights when it happens to you?

    Duration: 07:20

  • Chinese wine made with Chinese grapes

    Will it ever take off in the UK?

    Duration: 05:41

  • NHS Compensation

    The NHS gives over a billion pounds to lawyers representing unhappy patients.

    Duration: 04:30

  • Green Energy

    Can a small “green” energy company really offer the same prices as the Big Six?

    Duration: 07:42

  • Play streets

    Play street - where councils have allowed parents to stop cars for a set period of time.

    Duration: 08:35

  • Dentists

    Figures out today about dentists say that complaints have increased.

    Duration: 06:40

Play Streets

Play Streets
Parents of children who want to play outside are getting the chance to reclaim the streets by applying to have the road closed to traffic for up to 3 hours at a time. The result is what’s known as a ‘play street’ – where councils have allowed parents to stop cars and motorbikes for a set period of time, to enable children to run around, play football or ride their bikes in much safer surroundings.


  • Mon 30 Sep 2013 12:00
  • Mon 30 Sep 2013 12:04

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