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If your luggage gets lost or damaged in transit, do you know who to complain to? Plus halal food, self-expiring labels on medicines, and sales of almond, oat and rice milk are up.

You've probably heard of the 'hard sell', maybe the 'soft sell' but what about the 'brain sell'? We'll find out the latest ways big brands are using to get us to spend more.

Around 26 million bags are lost by airlines each year. So if your luggage gets lost or damaged in transit, do you know who to complain to?

Between 2008 and 2013 the eating out market has grown by an estimated 8%. That's despite the recession. So as we continue to spend on treating ourselves to meals out, what establishments are doing to entice us.

The consequences for taking out of date medicine can be serious, which is why a couple of designers have come up with some new packaging, called "Self Expiring". The packaging gradually reveals a symbol over time, making it clear when the pills are no longer fit for use.

Almond, oat and rice milk are packing the shelves at the supermarket. But we associate milk with calcium and healthy bones - so are these new pints on the block any good for us?

And do you know what a haloodie is? We go to the Halal Food Festival to find out.

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  • CCTV camera use for motorists who park badly

    Are councils only using CCTV cameras to make a profit from motorists who park illegally?

    Duration: 04:50

  • Lost Airline Baggage

    What are your rights if your baggage goes missing?

    Duration: 05:44

  • Eating Out

    Catherine Carr reports on our continued love of eating out, despite the recession

    Duration: 09:23

  • Milk Substitutes

    Sales of almond, oat and rice milk are on the rise. Are these new pints good for us?

    Duration: 02:42

  • The Brain Sell

    Peter goes shopping with Dr David Lewis, expert on how retailers persuade us to buy

    Duration: 09:07

  • Self Expiring Packaging for Medicines

    US-based designers have invented self expiring packaging for medicines

    Duration: 05:15

  • Remote Working

    How are organisations managing staff remotely in the drive for a good work:life balance?

    Duration: 07:22

  • Halal Food Festival

    Melanie Abbott meets Halal foodies, or Haloodies, at the Halal Food Festival in London

    Duration: 04:43


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