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Werca's Folk, Warkworth in Northumberland

Clare Balding joins the walking group of Werca's Folk, a women's choir from Warkworth in Northumberland, led by the legendary Sandra Kerr of Bagpuss fame. Expect songs en route.

Clare Balding is in Northumberland to join the walking group from the local women's choir, Wercas Folk. It was formed over eighteen years ago by the well- known folk singer and composer, Sandra Kerr. They set off from the village she lives in and loves very much, Warkworth. Wercas Folk, an unauditioned group, specialise in singing new and traditional folk songs about the area, its people and its history.

Many of the original founder members are still in the choir and they explain it's not just the singing that keeps them turning up week after week. The group have developed a collaborative and mutually supportive ethos that has forged strong friendships, resulting in them enjoying social time together even away from the rehearsal room and concert hall. They regularly escape from home and family for weekends away to walk, talk and indulge in the odd glass of wine.

As they set off on a circular route around the village they talk to Clare about the role the choir plays in their lives and the joy of singing and walking together.

Producer Lucy Lunt.

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Role Contributor
Presenter Clare Balding
Interviewed Guest Sandra Kerr
Producer Lucy Lunt


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