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Sudha Ragunathan; Obesity in pregnancy; Make-up primers

The Carnatic music of Sudha Ragunathan. The dangers and costs of obesity in pregnancy. Nicola Upson on her new book in the Josephine Tey series. Make up primers - what do they do? Sex selection in abortion - is it legal, should it be acceptable? Presented by Jenni Murray.

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  • Effect of Maternal BMI During Pregnancy

    Jenni discusses the effect of BMI during pregnancy with Dr Fiona Denison.

    Duration: 06:57

  • Make up Primers

    Sali Hughes, The Guardian’s Weekend's beauty columnist explains all.

    Duration: 05:43

  • Sudha Ragunathan

    Sudha Ragunathan on her life as a musician & the role of women in Indian classical music.

    Duration: 09:41

  • Nicola Upson novelist

    Nicola Upson discusses her new novel The Death of Lucy Kyte, based on The Red Barn Murder.

    Duration: 09:59

  • Abortion for sex selection

    Yasmin Alibhai Brown, journalist & Anne Furedi, BPAS discuss the issues.

    Duration: 09:12

Effect of maternal obesity on pregnancy

Maternal obesity affects more than 30% of the antenatal population in the UK. A new study published today looks at how a high or low BMI during pregnancy can affect the risk of maternal complications and cost to the health service. We discuss with co-author of the report, Dr Fiona Denison from Tommy’s Centre for Maternal and Fetal Health and lecturer at Queens’s Medical Research Institute Edinburgh.

BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

NHS - Obesity and Pregnancy

Make up primers

Backstage at London Fashion Week, many top make-up artists had primers as an essential part of their kit. Fifteen years ago you would have been forgiven for not knowing what a make-up primer is but in the last five years the popularity of a product said to smooth the skin so makeup applies more easily has soared and beauty editors and celebrities are happily endorsing them. But what are primers and are they any good? Sali Hughes, The Guardian’s Weekend’s beauty columnist is in the studio to explain whether they are a useful addition to make-up bags or a waste of money.

Nicola Upson, crime writer

Crime writer Nicola Upson joins Jenni to discuss the real life eighteenth century Red Barn Murder and the role it plays in her new novel fictionalising the life of Golden Age crime writer Josephine Tey.

Book readings:

Waterstone's Manchester Deansgate Monday 23 September, 7pm

Blackwell's Charing Cross Road Thursday 26 September, 6.30pm

Sudha Ragunathan

Sudha Ragunathan is one of India’s most experienced vocalists.  She sings in the Carnatic tradition, the music of South India. Her music relies on improvisation and expertise, and she can be heard this week at the Darbar Festival at London’s Southbank.  Sudha Ragunathan joins the programme to talk about her life as a female musician and the role of women in Indian classical music.


Earlier this month a controversial decision on abortion was made by the             Director of Public Prosecutions. Keir Starmer decided not to prosecute two doctors who had agreed, as a result of a newspaper sting, to arrange abortions for women who said they didn’t want to give birth to girls. So, if a woman chooses that she doesn’t want to have a boy or a girl – does she have the right to choose? Jenni discusses the issue with the Independent columnist Yasmin Alibhai Brown and Anne Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.



Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Interviewed Guest Sudha Ragunathan
Interviewed Guest Sali Hughes
Interviewed Guest Nicola Upson
Interviewed Guest Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Interviewed Guest Ann Furedi
Editor Alice Feinstein
Producer Rebecca Wood


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