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A Natural Choice

Episode 3 of 8

Series following midwives at Birmingham Women's Hospital, where expectant mothers can choose between the clinical, high-tech delivery suite and the more natural birth centre.

In this episode at Birmingham Women's Hospital we meet midwife Maureen who prefers to work on the birth centre where birthing pools, aromatherapy massage oils and 'a bit of witchcraft' are all on offer to help deliver babies as nature intended.

Midwife Antoinette has tried the birth centre approach but much prefers the high tech no-nonsense environment of the delivery suite. For her it's about being prepared for anything, especially when you deal with high risk pregnancies where the situation can change in an instance, that's when you need the painkilling drugs and high-tech medical equipment to be readily on-hand.

Giving birth in the midwife led birth centre is almost £200 cheaper for the NHS than having a baby in the more clinical delivery suite but not all mums are confident in making the 'natural' choice.

Consultant Midwife Paula Clarke set up the birth centre 12 years ago and is shocked by the increase in caesarian sections used to deliver babies and is a strong advocate for natural birth.

At her weekly clinic, Paula helps expectant mums plan their births. Mum Loren is pregnant with her second baby but her first was born by emergency C-section after her attempt to have a natural birth become increasingly complicated. Will she opt for a natural, intervention free delivery in the birth centre or the reassurance of medical intervention in the delivery suite?

Meanwhile Guzel and her husband Azat want to go right back to nature opting for no baby scans, no medicine and not even vitamin supplements. We follow the midwives in the birth centre as Guzel chooses to have her baby in the birthing pool with no gas and air. Will she prove that nature's way is the best way?

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Role Contributor
Narrator Rupert Houseman
Director Adam Hopkins
Producer Adam Hopkins
Series Producer Joanne Timoney
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Executive Producer Maxine Watson
Composer John Lemke
Colourist Liam Shanagher
Re-recording mixer Hannah Fairclough
Production Coordinator Nicola Hill
Production Manager Jackie McKinney-Dyer


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"The pressures and emotions of being new"

"The pressures and emotions of being new"

“It's an empowering, intimate moment looking after women in their most vulnerable time.”