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James Holden

James Holden takes to 6 Mix decks for a two-hour psychedelic journey of electronica and leftfield sounds.

DJ and producer James Holden takes to 6 Mix decks for a two hour psychedelic journey of electronica and leftfield sounds.

James Holden began his musical career in 1999 at the age of 19, when he released his first track Horizons. In the summer of 2003 Holden began the Border Community imprint, which has recently celebrated it's tenth birthday. He has also recently released his second album, The Inheritors, a follow up to 2006's critically acclaimed The Idiots Are Winning.

James Holden takes over the 6 Mix with two hours of music from the far corners of his record box including Vangelis, The KLF and Four Tet.

2 hours

Music Played

  • Terry Riley

    Shri Camel Morning Corona

  • Fursaxa

    Alone in the Dark Wood

  • Outer Space

    The Fifth Column

  • Martin Dupont

    Just Because

  • Bee Mask

    Excerpts from Canzioni del Laboratorio del Silenzio

  • BEAK>


  • Poni Hoax

    The Paper Bride

  • The Soft Moon

    Total Decay

  • The Durutti Column


  • Don Cherry

    North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn

  • Tony Conrad with Faust

    From the Side of Woman and Mankind

  • The Threshold HouseBoys Choir

    Imitations of Spring

  • Bernd Kistenmacher

    Quitting Time

  • Seams

    The Glow

  • Andy Stott


  • Judith Juillerat

    Slack Time

  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux

    Herpes Simplex

  • James Holden

    Gone Feral (Synthtool)

  • Bochum Welt

    Family Computer Robot

  • Harmonia


  • Spooky


  • Burning Star Core

    The Universe is Designed to Break Your Heart

  • Luke Abbott

    Hand Drawn Maps

  • The KLF

    Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard

  • Arnold Dreyblatt

    Sude Band

  • Plastikman


  • James Holden

    Blackpool Late Eighties

  • Vangelis

    Multi Track Suggestion

  • Margot


  • Pional & Henry Saiz


  • Amadou Sangara

    L'histoire do Moussa Tchefari Pere de Sabali

  • Four Tet

    Peace for Earth

  • Franco Battiato


  • Laraaji

    The Dance #2