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The Dark Creator

Top of the Lake, Series 1 Episode 5 of 6

Robin returns from the funeral of her mother. Matt Mitcham flagellates himself at his mother's grave, guilty at the loss of his daughter and the misuse of his family land.

Jamie is arrested for shoplifting. As well as food in his bag there are some illegal drugs. He resists Robin's questioning and breaks into a self-harming rage when accused of raping Tui. Al Parker takes over. His more brutal methods, though humiliating for Jamie, don't make him talk. Jamie is sent home on a warning.

The next day he has left home, we follow him into the bush, where for the first time we see him join up with Tui.

Robin becomes convinced that Matt Mitcham and his drug-trafficking operation must be connected to Tui's disappearance. She's determined to go after him. Bob Platt's widow has allowed Robin access to her husband's computer files. With the help of some computer hacking friends, Robin discovers disturbing images of some kind of strange nightclub.

Matt is determined to send a bigger party into the bush to find Tui, he hires a gang of hunters to go in to find her.

Robin tries to question the women who work for Matt. They know that she knows they work for him making drugs but won't give anything away. That evening Robin is shot at in her house - a lethal kind of warning.

Tui and Jamie make their way to the women's camp. Tui needs advice on how to give birth. When the Mitcham boys turn up at the camp Tui retreats back into the woods. A group of Tui's friends secretly join her and Jamie in the bush to celebrate her birthday, trying to bring some joy to her. They all sense the danger she will be in if she stays in hiding to have her baby.

Some of Matt's men intercept Tui's friends as they return to civilization. With fresh intelligence on where she's hiding, Matt launches a full-scale search party.

Al Parker has arranged to meet Robin down on the wharf, instead he takes her out on his boat. Out in the middle of the water, he reveals that Matt Mitcham is on board - Matt has something to say to her and something Al wants her to hear. Johnno arrives before she gets to hear him out. He takes her straight into the bush to search for Tui, he knows Matt's men are out there. It is now a race to get to Tui.

Cornered by Matt's men, Tui makes a run for it, while Jamie tries to distract them. Spotted by Johnno as she runs along a precipice, Johnno begs her to come back. Pursued from all sides she can't stop, she loses her footing and falls.

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58 minutes

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Role Contributor
RobinElisabeth Moss
AlDavid Wenham
MattPeter Mullan
JohnnoThomas M Wright
GJHolly Hunter
JamieLuke Buchanan
TuiJacqueline Joe
SimoneMirrah Foulkes
BunnyGenevieve Lemon
MelissaGeorgi Kay
LukeKip Chapman
MarkJay Ryan
TurangiCalvin Tuteao
Officer PeteStephen Lovatt
DeliaDra McKay
Big ShaneAndrew Beattie
Little ShaneMatt Whelan
JaseSam Dickson
GemmaAlice Ward
TerryBen Barrington
ScuzzEdwin Wright
GrishnaSkye Wansey
PuttyEdward Campbell
DanielLayne Opetaia
TeganSydney Telfer
DirectorGarth Davis
WriterJane Campion
WriterGerard Lee
ProducerPhilippa Campbell
Executive ProducerEmile Sherman
Executive ProducerIain Canning
Executive ProducerJane Campion

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