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A Rainbow Above Us

Episode 4 of 6

Mystery drama series. A violent indiscretion sees Robin thrown off the case. Meawhile her passionate affair with Johnno, Tui's half-brother, intensifies.

After the incident in the pub Al Parker tells Robin he has to let her go, and she is fired. But unofficially Robin won't let go of the case. After a night with Johnno, Robin spots a boy in a blue hoodie heading back from the lake. They lose sight of him but Johnno reveals to Robin that he's been keeping track of the local kids' canoes, checking when they go in and out.

1 hour


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Role Contributor
Detective Robin Griffin Elisabeth Moss
Detective Al Parker David Wenham
Matt Mitcham Peter Mullan
Johnno Mitcham Thomas M Wright
GJ Holly Hunter
Jude Robyn Nevin
Turangi Calvin Tuteao
Caroline Platt Lucy Lawless
Ian Fellows Anthony Phelan
Mark Mitcham Jay Ryan
Luke Kip Chapman
Simone Mirrah Foulkes
John Baxter Stephen Bain
Jamie Luke Buchanan
Sarge Oscar Redding
Young Robin Phoene James
Young Johnno Fletcher Boswell
Anne-Marie Alison Bruce
Penguin Byron Coll
Prue Sarah Valentine
Melissa Georgi Kay
Zena Madeleine Sami
Narelle Erica Englert
Bunny Genevieve Lemon
Anita Robyn Malcolm
Mike Cohen Holloway
Writer Jane Campion
Writer Gerard Lee
Director Jane Campion
Producer Philippa Campbell
Executive Producer Emile Sherman
Executive Producer Iain Canning
Executive Producer Jane Campion


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