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The Office Is Where We Are

The increasingly blurred boundaries between the office and home. Lucy Kellaway's origins of corporate culture. From August 2013.

Writer and satirist Lucy Kellaway traces the origins of today's corporate culture.

In this episode, Lucy describes the increasingly blurred boundaries between the office and home, looking at the arrival of email, dress-down policies and homeworking.

Once the office was an imposing skyscraper, now it has shrunk to the palm of our hand in the form of a smartphone. We can do office work anywhere, so can we ever truly leave it behind?

With Chris Grey of Royal Holloway, University of London and Gideon Haigh author of The Office a Hardworking History.

Readings by Richard Katz, Sasha Pick, Adam Rojko and Kerry Shale
Historical Consultant: Michael Heller

Producer: Russell Finch
A Somethin' Else production for Radio 4.

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