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Dexter teases Ava about coming home at 2am. Cora invites Dexter to lunch. She realises Ava’s still seeing Sam and gives the ultimatum that Dexter know by lunch. Ava tells Sam he doesn’t understand how much he’s hurt Dexter. She invites Dexter to lunch, who turns up with flowers. He twigs something’s up. Cora tells him to speak to Ava. He bursts in as Sam is urging Ava to tell Dexter about them. Dexter’s horrified as Ava takes Sam’s hand.

Abi tells Cora she shouldn’t snub a friend like Patrick. Cora dolls up for the dance only to find Patrick’s got another partner, Betty Spragg. She leaves, quietly fuming.

Bianca goes to Shirley, worried Jean might say something. Meanwhile, Ian – on top of the world after having got his woman back – enters the restaurant to find it trashed, the sprinklers on and Carl booked in for lunch. Bianca and Shirley find Jean curled up in the street, tear-stained. They beg her to act normal. She breaks down seeing Ian and Denise trying to clear up. Janine arrives and calls the police. She tells Ian to consider his list of enemies. He promises to cover the damage. Shirley and Bianca make Jean promise to keep quiet.

Michael goes to Janine now that she’s back, but leaves with a flea in his ear. Kat tells him he needs to be adult about the situation for Scarlett – like she and Alfie are for Tommy’s sake. He goes to Janine, tells her he’s tired of the games. If she wants him to back off, he will, but he says he’s missed her. Later, he tells Kat that all’s well: he’s making Janine fall in love with him again.

Peter tells Lucy he doesn’t want to see her hurt over Joey.

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Sat 6 Jul 2013 00:30


Role Contributor
Dexter HartmanKhali Best
Ava HartmanClare Perkins
Sam JamesCornell S John
Michael MoonSteve John Shepherd
Alice BranningJasmyn Banks
Kat MoonJessie Wallace
Janine ButcherCharlie Brooks
Billy MitchellPerry Fenwick
Ian BealeAdam Woodyatt
Denise FoxDiane Parish
Jean SlaterGillian Wright
Shirley CarterLinda Henry
Bianca ButcherPatsy Palmer
Peter BealeBen Hardy
Lucy BealeHetti Bywater
Abi BranningLorna Fitzgerald
Cora CrossAnn Mitchell
Patrick TruemanRudolph Walker
Phil MitchellSteve McFadden
BettyTessa Wyatt
Executive ProducerLorraine Newman
DirectorDaniel Wilson
WriterFiona Peek

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