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Mobile phone hackers, fear of flying, seaweed as fuel

People who are desperate to fly abroad but can't bear to step on board a plane. And could seaweed be the biofuel of the future? Consumer news with Julian Worricker.

Security experts are warning that smartphones are being targeted by criminals who hack into phones used in public places. It's claimed that emails and other personal information can be accessed. In some cases software is placed on phones to stop them working or make charges against the owner's mobile phone account.
Powering your car with seaweed sounds a fanciful idea, but scientists are farming crops at sea, to generate new kinds of biofuel.
Is it possible to cure a fear of flying? We hear from the people who are desperate to fly abroad, but can't bear to step on board a plane.
A good looking woman, the colour red and a handsome horse. What are the ingredients of a top-selling painting?
In an era of tablets, mobile phones and connectivity, what is the future for traditional tourist guidebooks?
Producer: Jonathan Hallewell
Presenter: Julian Worricker.

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56 minutes


  • M6 Tolls

    How financially viable are Britain’s toll roads?

    Duration: 08:41

  • Mobile Phone Security

    What are the risks of your smartphone being hacked? And how can you prevent it?

    Duration: 05:50

  • The Rules of Art

    Can you price-proof your art through sticking to Sotheby’s rules?

    Duration: 05:44

  • Fear of Flying

    Can you cure a fear of flying, and if you don’t fly, how can you enjoy an exotic break?

    Duration: 09:33

  • Guidebooks

    You and Yours’ travel guide series begins by talking to the head of Lonely Planet

    Duration: 05:11

  • Bad Driving

    New fines are being introduced for bad driving

    Duration: 04:53

  • Seaweed Fuel

    Running your car on seaweed. Could future biofuels be grown at sea?

    Duration: 09:01

  • Payday Loans

    The Government, payday loan companies, regulators and charities have met this morning

    Duration: 04:59


  • Mon 1 Jul 2013 12:00
  • Mon 1 Jul 2013 12:04

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