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Jenni Murray meets the young activists getting involved in feminist campaigns. What are the issues which are uniting feminists, and what subjects divide them?

Jenni Murray meets the young activists getting involved in feminist campaigns. What the issues which are uniting feminists? What subjects divide them? Is feminism too white, too exclusive, too middle class or are new voices being attracted to the cause? Why are feminist groups making the headlines now and what can they learn from the ealier waves of activists?

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58 minutes


  • New Generation Feminists

    What has drawn a new generation to the cause?

    Duration: 08:03

  • Inclusivity

    Who is feminism talking about?

    Duration: 13:41

  • Violence Against Women

    How are feminists changing and shaping the debate?

    Duration: 17:24

  • Lessons Learned

    What lessons have the women's movement learnt about how it organises itself?

    Duration: 05:29

The Resurgence of Feminist Activism

What we used to refer to as the women’s movement is enjoying something of a renaissance. So what is drawing a new generation to feminist activism and how they are using social media to connect and to campaign? Jenni talks to those who have returned to feminism, to the new comers and to those activists who never disappeared – to examine just what is going on.


Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Interviewed Guest Joan Smith
Interviewed Guest Julia Long
Interviewed Guest Kate Smurthwaite
Interviewed Guest Nimko Ali
Producer Ruth Watts


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