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Pornography: What Do We Know?

Is pornography really bad for us? Jo Fidgen explores what the evidence reveals about the effects of pornography on those who use it.

What do we really know about the effects of pornography?

Public debate has become increasingly dominated by an emotive, polarised argument between those who say it is harmful and those who say it can be liberating. Jo Fidgen puts the moral positions to one side and investigates what the evidence tells us. She explores the limitations of the research that's been carried out and asks whether we need to update our understanding of pornography. She hears from users of pornography about how and why they use it and researchers reveal what they have learnt about our private pornographic habits.

With pornography becoming increasingly easy to access online, and as policy-makers, parents and teachers discuss how to deal with this, it's a debate that will have far-reaching implications on education and how we use the internet.

Producer: Helena Merriman


Professor Neil Malamuth - University of California
Dr Miranda Horvath - Middlesex University
Dr Ogi Ogas - Author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts
Professor Roger Scruton - Conservative philosopher and Author of Sexual Desire: A Philosophical Investigation
Professor Gail Dines - Wheelock College, Boston.

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