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Little Cat Diaries

Episode 13 of 18

A closer look at the cats who stood out in the experiment conducted in The Secret Life of the Cat, where 50 felines were fitted with GPS collars to track their every movement.

In The Secret Life of the Cat, 50 cats were fitted with GPS collars to track their every movement, and cat-cams to record their unique view of the world. In this groundbreaking experiment, a few cats stood out.

They include the intruder cat, an unneutered tomcat, who comes into the village and seems to have no owner; the hunter, who prefers food that he can catch and kill to anything his owners might buy him; and the deserter cat who has abandoned his home in favour of a new set of owners.

This film reveals that the relationship between cats and their owners isn't quite what we imagine.

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Captured on cat cam

Captured on cat cam
Ginger and another cat use hissing, growling and yowling to keep distance from each other.

Meet the cat experts

Meet the cat experts

Dr John Bradshaw has written over 100 research papers and book chapters on the behaviour and welfare of domestic cats and dogs, and their relationships with people.

GPS and cat cam technology

GPS and cat cam technology

Our GPS units can decipher the positions of the cats to within tens of centimetres, while lightweight cat cams record their every move.

Why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr?
Adult cats that live in the wild rarely purr at all, so why do our domestic moggies purr so much? Helped by her own cat Pepo and some human volunteers, Dr Karen McComb led research to find out.

The cat owner’s story

The cat owner’s story
Our cats’ behaviour surprised the experts.They were expecting a lot more tension between six cats in one household.


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Series Editor Aidan Laverty
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Director Helen Sage
Producer Olly Bootle


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