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Portas Pilots: high street special

Twelve English high streets shared £1.2m of government cash to rejuvenate shopping areas. Exclusive research reveals how they did, and Samantha Fenwick visits some of the towns.

In May 2012, the government announced twelve English High Streets would share £1.2m of cash to rejuvenate shopping areas. Exclusive research for You & Yours will show how vacancy rates have held up in the last year and whether these towns have grown as a result of the funding.

Our reporter Samantha Fenwick has visited five of these towns to see how they are spending the money and what on. We hear from the town teams and how they run projects and what it's been like in the Portas spotlight.

We have a panel of guests in the studio looking at the research and what it means for the government's policy.

Presenter: Aasmah Mir
Producer: Simon Browning.

Available now

56 minutes



  • You & Yours discuss research about the Portas Pilots

    You & Yours have commissioned research from the Local Data Company

    Duration: 07:22

  • You & Yours visit Portas Pilots

    Town Teams - who are they and what have they been spending?

    Duration: 14:25

  • Has Portas Pilots worked?

    Has the Portas Pilots strategy worked in rejuvenating the high street and if not – why?

    Duration: 05:48


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