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Civil Partnerships; Men and Childcare; Snooping on a Partner

Is snooping on your partner ever acceptable? What's stopping men from doing more in childcare? Life from the female perspective, presented by Jane Garvey.

Snooping on your partner - digital technology makes it possible but is it ever acceptable? Men and childcare - what's stopping them from doing more. What civil partnerships for heterosexual couples could mean for women who co-habit. Ballet choreographer and director Cathy Marston on her new work telling the story of the 'last witch of Europe'.
Presented by Jane Garvey.
Produced by Bev Purcell.

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  • Civil partnerships

    The implications of extending civil partnerships to heterosexual couples.

    Duration: 07:29

  • Witch-hunt

    A new ballet tells the story of Anna Göldi, known as 'the last witch of Europe'.

    Duration: 08:03

  • Forgotten Gardeners

    Ellen Willmott had more than 60 plants named after her or her home, Warley Place.

    Duration: 07:57

  • Childcare

    Why are women still more likely than men to stay at home with the children?

    Duration: 09:41

  • Internet infidelity

    Is it ever acceptable to snoop on your partner?

    Duration: 07:19

Civil partnerships for heterosexual couples

A move to extend civil partnerships to heterosexual couples is in the news, as parliament debates the same sex marriage bill. We ask what difference it could make for women who cohabit with a man.

Guidance on civil partnerships in:
UK Parliament
Scottish Government
Northern Ireland

What’s stopping fathers doing an equal share of the childcare?

Why don’t more men do childcare? Women are still more likely to become stay at home mums or reduce their working hours than men. More men say they want to be a hands-on parent, but that interest isn’t reflected in the choices that couples make about looking after their children. Gideon Burrow’s decided to take on exactly half of the childcare and rearranged his working life and, he says, other men can do it. Jane is joined by Gideon and by Rebecca Asher, author of Shattered and to discuss what is stopping fathers

Gideon Burrow’s book is called Men Can Do It: the real reason dads don’t do childcare and what men and women should do about it.

Is snooping on your partner ever acceptable?

Internet infidelity is one of the biggest issues that couples face today, with digital technology increasingly playing a role in the break up of relationships. It has been found that in a fifth of relationships, at least one partner had checked their partners internet browsing history or texts. Jane Mulkerrins, Grazia’s US Contributing Editor and the writer and relationship expert Fran Creffield, join Jane to discuss snooping.

Forgotten Gardeners

Ellen Willmott was born in 1858 - a contemporary of Gertrude Jekyll. She's had over 60 plants named after her or her home Warley Place, near Brentwood in Essex. Her house is now just a ruin but there are still elements of her garden to be admired. Merilyn Harris visited Warley Place to find out more about her from garden historian Twigs Way.


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Cathy Marston
Producer Beverley Purcell


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