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Digital Dishes - life stories through recipes

Inside one kitchen, 13 strangers from all over Europe share food and stories. Hear why cous-cous can spark conversation and how a Bulgarian dish can tell your fortune.

Inside one kitchen in Bristol, thirteen strangers from all over Europe gathered to share food and stories about food. The Food Programme was there to capture it all as the cooking got under way.

As well as resulting in one of the most diverse menus ever assembled it was an event that explained why cous-cous can spark conversation, how a special Bulgarian dish can help tell your fortune and why a hippy commune in 1970's Exeter was ahead of its time in how we think about food.

This unique event was the result of a project run by the Watershed arts centre in Bristol. The thirteen Europeans were taking part in a workshop to learn more about digital technology, food however, was the subject they would use to make this happen.

In one day, participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Turkey, France and the UK would come up with a dish that would help them tell their life stories. In Bristol they'd shop, cook, share their food and their stories. The progamme captured this special food event and a restaurant and menu that would exist for one night only.

Hear the wonders of Bulgarian Banitsa, the pleasures of a Turkish Karnıyarık and the delights of a two hour meal over Algerian cous-cous.

Producers: Dan Saladino and Hannah Briggs.

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Producer Dan Saladino
Producer Dan Saladino
Producer Hannah Briggs
Producer Hannah Briggs


  • Sun 5 May 2013 12:32
  • Mon 6 May 2013 15:30

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