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Kate Humble; Rokia Traore; Women and Snoring

Kate Humble on her passion for farming and saving a small part of rural heritage. Rokia Traore performs live. Women and snoring. Changes to the law on adoption. Women in German politics.

Presenter Jane Garvey
Producer Steven Williams.

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58 minutes


  • Kate Humble

    Kate Humble discusses the highs and lows of life in the countryside.

    Duration: 08:15

  • Adoption

    Debate of government plans to speed up the adoption process and reduce waiting times.

    Duration: 07:32

  • Rokia Traore

    Rokia Traore performs live in the studio and reflects on Mali's problems.

    Duration: 11:18

  • Germany adopts quotas for women in the boardroom

    German companies compelled to have a quota of 20% of women on their boards by 2020

    Duration: 05:09

  • Women and Snoring

    Snoring and sleep apnoea in women and what solutions are available.

    Duration: 08:09

Kate Humble

On hearing a council farm outside Monmouth was due to be sold off, TV presenter Kate Humble and her husband were determined to keep it as a working farm. In her new book, Humble by Nature, Kate tells the story of how they saved this small part of British farming heritage. She joins Jane to discuss the highs and lows of life in the countryside.

Kate Humble – Humble by Nature is published on 25th April by Headline.


The government is planning to speed up the adoption process and reduce waiting times from 47 weeks to 26 weeks but local authorities and adoption charities say some of the government’s plans might actually hinder rather than help the process. David Simmonds from the Local Government Association and Janet Grauberg from Barnardo’s discuss the changes proposed under the Children and Families Bill.



Children and Families Bill

Rokia Traore

The Malian singer, songwriter, and musician Rokia Traore is known for her powerful voice and inventive music which draws on Mali’s traditions, as well as the European and US music she grew up with. But since Mali has slipped into political chaos, and Islamists banned music in some parts of the country, she has moved to live in France. Now Traore has brought out a new album in which she reflects on her country’s problems, and her own determination to become a musician. She joins Jane Garvey to perform a new track, Ka Moune Ke, and to talk about the musical conviction and influences that have shaped her sound.


Rokia Traore’s new album Beautiful Africa is out now on Nonesuch. You can catch her playing a series of dates in the UK in May, and at Glastonbury and WOMAD this summer.

Germany adopts quotas for women in the boardroom

Last week Angela Merkel was forced to concede that German companies should be compelled to have a quota of 20% of women on their boards by 2020.  This change was championed by Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen.  Chancellor Merkel has always opposed compulsory boardroom quotas and this is being reported as a significant defeat for her. “One learns,” said Chancellor Merkel, that “not all women think alike.”  Berlin Correspondent for The Guardian newspaper, Kate Connolly, talk about the boardroom row and what it reveals about powerful women in German politics.

Women and Snoring

Snoring and sleep apnoea are generally considered to be conditions predominantly affecting men. But research shows that the ratio of male to female snorers is about 2:1 and that nearly half of women snorers don’t report their problem to their GP, often due to embarrassment. Studies have also shown that sleep apnoea, which can have adverse affects on health, is often missed or undiagnosed in women. Jane is joined by ENT consultant at Sunderland Royal Hospital Dr Murray Waldron who also runs a snoring centre in Newcastle; Marianne Davey from The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, who launched National Stop Snoring Week (22- 26 April), and Cressida Downing who was diagnosed with sleep apnoea 8 years ago.


NHS Snoring

UCLH snoring webchat

Sleep Apnoea Trust

BBC Goodnight Britain

BBC Health Snoring


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Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Kate Humble
Producer Steve Williams


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