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Measles; women in maths; Paula Milne on political marriages; Kerry Young

Jane Garvey discusses MMR and the current measles outbreak, and the lack of female maths professors. TV writer Paula Milne and journalist Julia Langdon discuss political marriages.

Jane Garvey discusses MMR and the current measles outbreak; Professor Gwyneth Stallard and Dr Eugenia Cheng on why there aren't more female Maths Professors; TV writer Paula Milne and journalist Julia Langdon discuss the balance of power in political marriages; author Kerry Young on womens' lives in Jamaica. And new research into children and reactive attachment disorder.

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  • Measles

    Dr Helen Bedford (Institute of Child Health at UCL) discusses the current measles outbreak

    Duration: 05:45

  • Why are there so few female maths professors in UK universities?

    94% of UK maths professors are men, so what is putting women off from joining them?

    Duration: 08:59

  • Power, politics and marriage

    Exploring the balance of power in political marriages

    Duration: 08:54

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder

    Exploring the disorder caused by maltreatment and neglect in early childhood

    Duration: 10:42

  • Kerry Young

    Author Kerry Young on womens' lives in Jamaica

    Duration: 06:52


There have been over 700 cases of measles across Wales in the measles outbreak which started in November. About 2000 pupils are set to receive the MMR jab in schools in Wales to stop the spread of the epidemic. But there are fears that it could spread across the border, so what plans are in place for the rest of the uk? Jane is joined by Dr Helen Bedford from the Institute of Child Health at UCL.

NHS MMR Vaccine

BBC Health Measles

Latest measles data

Government measles article


Why are there so few female maths professors in UK universities?

Currently 94% of maths professors in British universities are men, so what is putting women off joining them? This week the London Mathematical Society's launches its Women in Mathematics conference to examine the reasons why fewer women are not taking up careers in maths and what can be done to improve their chances of success. Professor Gwyneth Stallard chairs the Women in Mathematics Committee and she is also  Professor of Pure Mathematics at the Open University and Dr Eugenia Cheng is Senior Lecturer in Maths at Sheffield University.

Power, politics and marriage

The Politician's Husband - a drama starring David Tennant and Emily Watson is broadcast later this month on BBC Two. It explores power within a marriage and what happens when the wife becomes more successful than her husband, set against the power games in Whitehall. Jane speaks to Paula Milne, writer of the Politician’s Husband and to political journalist Julia Langdon. 

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Reactive Attachment Disorder is a condition that can cause children to form poor or inappropriate relationships with adults after suffering maltreatment in early childhood. Often described as very rare, new research by Dr Helen Minnis, a senior lecturer in child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Glasgow, looks at the prevalence of the disorder in a deprived UK population.

Support for adoptive parents

Kerry Young

Writer Kerry Young was born in Kingston, Jamaica to a Chinese father and a mother of mixed Chinese-African heritage. She came to Britain in 1965 at the age of 10.  Her first novel, Pao, was shortlisted for the Costa First Book Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize. She has now written a second novel, Gloria. Set in Jamaica, the book starts in 1938 when the main character, Gloria, is sixteen and a single violent act changes her life forever. Gloria and her younger sister flee to Kingston and it is there that we follow her turbulent life story through to 1972. So where did the inspiration come from? Kerry Young joins Jane in the studio.

Gloria by Kerry Young published by Bloomsbury April 2013


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Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Paula Milne
Producer Shoku Amirani


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