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Aleks Krotoski explores the difficulties of unpicking our digital lives when they've become entwined with another's.

Aleks Krotoski explores the difficulties of unpicking our digital lives when they’ve become entwined with another’s. The digital world is great at capturing and storing moments from our lives - sharing your family snapshots, tweets about domestic bliss, keeping the world up to date with each rung you climb on the career ladder... But in the wake of a relationship breakdown it can be painful to be confronted with such echoes of the past, and even more so if you’re constantly reminded that the people you're separated from are carrying on without you.
In this week's episode, Aleks talks to Becca Bland about the hardships of seeing into her estranged family's lives online, and author Nathan Bransford who found that having a wealth of information online after a divorce forced him into making some hard decisions. She also discovers how digital technology can be used to manage people's lives after a relationship breaks down, and (if all else fails) how to vanish entirely.
Producers Victoria McArthur and Peter McManus

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