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Lord Saatchi - UK Conservative Party Chairman 2003 - 2005

Stephen Sackur talks to Lord Saatchi, the advertising guru who helped define and sell what Margaret Thatcher stood for, about the legacy of Thatcherism.

Rarely does the death of a long retired politician prompt a genuinely worldwide reaction, but Margaret Thatcher was one of a kind. Britain's first female prime minister transformed her own country, and provided the world with a model of market economics and conviction politics, which was inspirational to some, repellent to others.

Stephen Sackur talks to a man who played a key role in the creation of Thatcherism. Maurice, now Lord Saatchi, was the advertising guru who helped define, and sell, what she stood for. How enduring is the Thatcher legacy?

30 minutes


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Interviewer Stephen Sackur