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Woman or lady? Bidisha and Rachel Johnson discuss; Saira Shah; Joanna Adams

Getting more girls playing netball; Rachel Johnson and Bidisha discuss being a 'lady' in the 21st century; Saira Shah on her novel The Mouse-Proof Kitchen; Meditation in schools.

Joanna Adams from England Netball talks about getting girls playing more sport. Should we call women "ladies"? Rachel Johnson and Bidisha debate. Saira Shah's novel The Mouse-Proof Kitchen draws on her experiences of bringing up a disabled child. Can meditation in schools help stressed teenagers cope better with exams?

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  • The term Lady - A compliment or not?

    Rachel Johnson, Bidisha and Sara Sheridan discuss the word

    Duration: 12:39

  • Getting the young to persevere with netball

    With Joanna Adams, Head of Marketing at Netball England

    Duration: 06:37

  • Meditation in schools

    Featuring St James School London and Educational Counsultant Gill Hines

    Duration: 10:25

  • Martha Lane Fox - Youngest Female Peer

    Speaking on Woman's Hour in 2006

    Duration: 03:31

  • Saira Shah

    On her novel Mouseproof Kitchen

    Duration: 08:18

Persuading the young to persevere with Netball

Almost every woman has played netball at some time in her life – and it continues to remain a popular sport - with around 160,000 women playing the game every week.  But it’s difficult persuading teenage girls to persevere with sport. Joanna Adams, Head of Marketing, Commercial & Events at Netball England  joins Jane to talk about some new ways of getting girls engaged with the sport.

How to be a Lady

How to be a Lady

What is the origin of the term lady?  Are you born a lady, or can you learn to be a lady? How has being “ladylike,” changed over the years?   Rachel Johnson, former editor of The Lady magazine investigates “How to be a Lady,” for a programme on BBC4. Bidisha and Sara Sheridan provide a feminist and historical perspective.

How to be a Lady: An Elegant History is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 9pm.

Saira Shah

Saira Shah

Saira Shah is an award-winning writer, war reporter and documentary film maker whose work includes the film “Beneath the Veil” and “Death in Gaza”.   Her latest work is a novel, in which a couple learn their daughter Freya has been born with profound mental and physical disabilities.   Saira joins Jane to discuss the story about family, love and life in a decrepit mouse-infested farmhouse in rural France - a story inspired by her own experience.

The Mouseproof Kitchen, published 4 April, 2013, by Harvill Secker


Meditation in schools

Some school children face a tough time of hard work, long hours and immense stress preparing for exams while others don’t seem to feel the pressure at all.  Pupils at St James Senior Girls School use meditation to cope with their exams.  The practice is central to the school’s ethos and pupils meditate at the morning assembly.  Milena, Roshni and Florence say how it helps them focus their minds and Jane is joined by education consultant Gill Hines.

Martha Lane Fox: Youngest female peer

 Martha Lane Fox, featured in the Woman's Hour Power List will be introduced to the House of Lords today as the youngest female peer. The forty year old co-founder of travel website, who is also David Cameron's "digital champion", will sit on thecrossbenches as a non-political member. Back in 2006 she told Jenni about setting up her business, aged 25


Late Night Woman's Hour

Late Night Woman's Hour

Lauren Laverne, Emma Barnett and guests in frank and funny Late Night Woman's Hour.

The Menopause

The Menopause

A series exploring its impact on women’s work and relationships, and potential treatments



Four women struggle to reclaim their identity after being abused online.

Woman's Hour video

Woman's Hour video

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