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Nicholas Hytner, Posthumanism, Penny Woolcock

Sir Nicholas Hytner reflects on his time as head of the National Theatre, the future of the human condition, and filmmaker Penny Woolcock on inner city gangs.

With Anne McElvoy

Sir Nicholas Robert Hytner, director of the National Theatre in London, looks back at his time as the head of one of the country's most significant cultural institutes which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

In her new book, The Posthuman, Professor Rosi Braidotti explains that the things that make us human - our bodies, our brains, our thoughts, our feelings - have been changed and displaced by technological and medical advancement. She is joined by the historian, Professor Joanna Bourke, to discuss how these changes influence our ideas of self and what impact they will have for the future of the human condition.

How to forge peace between two warring gangs. Award-winning film maker Penny Woolcock reveals her unique involvement in the attempts of two Birmingham inner city gangs to bring peace to their neighbourhoods.

Produced by Ella-mai Robey.

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  • Nicholas Hytner

    Sir Nicholas Robert Hytner looks back at his time as the head of the National Theatre

    Duration: 16:59

  • The Posthuman

    Professor Rosi Braidotti and Professor Joanna Bourke discuss what makes us human

    Duration: 12:10

  • Penny Woolcock

    Award-winning film maker Penny Woolcock talks about her experience with Birmingham gangs

    Duration: 14:04

The Posthuman

Professor Rosi Braidotti's book The Posthuman is published by Polity Press and is out now.

Penny Woolcock

Penny Woolcock's film 'One Mile Away' was released in selected cinemas on Friday 29th March, certificate 15. It can also be seen on Thursday 11th April at 11.05pm on Channel 4.


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